Big Brother Isn't All That Big

posted by Jordan on 2008/5/29 (Comics)

So the drama is starting to dial up a bit, and as a bit of a warning, it may be like this for the next arc. Of course, comedy will still be important, but I want to get a lot of story and character development going in the coming weeks as well. So, if you'd rather see pure comedy, sorry to disappoint, but there is a story to tell.

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Zeal - 2016/4/14
No more s***. All posts of this qutliay from now on
dallas-dakota - 2008/5/31
Nice one Zarah.
Kpenguin : Such is natural behaviour of almost all women.

FoE : I don't know and I completely agree with you there.
Troll - 2008/5/31
Keriss is definitely lawful something. Lawful neutral at best.
Querzis - 2008/5/31
Aldran is very much Lawfull evil. Everytime he try to improvise or follow his whims, he fails miserably, he gotta plan things ahead to do anything.

Kaal strike me as chaotic neutral. He doesnt really seems malicious at all and the chaotic part is obvious.

Lana is probably neutral evil. She can go both way regarding Chaos and Order and vampire have to be evil.

Dunno about Keriss.
The Speakeasy - 2008/5/30
No complaints here I like the dramatic arcs more than just gag strips, you keep telling the story like you want.
Beepzorz - 2008/5/30
Aldran strikes me as pretty nuetral evil. Killing at leasure isn't lawful. Not quite chaotic, though, particularly with his commitment to his quest.

His ex is lawful. That's for sure.

I forget the DnD rules. Are Rogues forced into a certain role? Lana seems fairly neutral, though.

The rest also strike me as neutral.
Sandro - 2008/5/30
She's evil she doesn't have to make sense!

Actually I wonder what type of evil these guys are. I think Aldran is lawful evil while most the other characters are neutral evil.
Kd7sov - 2008/5/30
What sprang to my mind, the last three panels?

"Yeth, Marthter?"
kpenguin - 2008/5/30
Hold on... Keris is upset at Aldran for sending Kaal to spy on her, but thinks nothing of having her people run surveillance on him?

Wow, hypocrisy much?
Ecalsneerg - 2008/5/30
Well, he is pretty stupid. And last time he tried it the door was too thick.
Alan - 2008/5/30
Well, I didn't see his problem with getting in. He is after all a ghost, and should be able to walk through walls.
Face of Evil - 2008/5/29
What's wrong with wanting to make sure your girlfriend is OK? Women are so weird sometimes.
Valahuir - 2008/5/29
He realy does need ranks in spot, but charicter development is good, so I won't mind the reduction in comidy for a while Happy
Cult of the Raven - 2008/5/29
Crisp 'em, Aldran! you've got another burning hands prepared!
why do men always do that? They say and do the dumbest things.
I wonder what happened to Kaal? Is he still trying to get into the club?
Lira - 2008/5/29
Oo, those people are creepy.
Lonna - 2008/5/29
You know, he really should have known spying on her would only cause trouble...
Amaretto - 2008/5/29
just read
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