Seven Thousand, Three Hundred Twenty to One

posted by Jordan on 2008/5/27 (Comics)

A cookie for the first one to figure out what the odds given in the title are for.

Secondly, apologies for the late update today, but I've recently gotten back into playing Warcraft 3, and yes, I'm on Zarah is my screenname, but pretty much the only maps I play are role-playing ones. The classics where you spawn all your units and make up your stories from scratch. They're really great maps if you've got a good imagination and love role-playing. Unfortunately, finding a game on these days is easier said than done.

So, if anyone still pokes around with Warcraft, then maybe we could play an RP map together sometime? There's always a need for more RPers on!

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rania - 2011/4/11
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Kd7sov - 2008/5/29
A point, draconicgodking, but my impression was that Aldran was just reflexively casting - note that he's not looking toward his flames - and that he doesn't consider it worth the effort to actually try anything more.

Softmints - 2008/5/29
Heh, another Warcraft player. I haven't played a RP on for ages, and I'd be willing to try one. I can host, and I'm free from this Friday onwards. Drop me an e-mail if you're interested. I'm Irish, so take account of the time restrictions there.

draconicgodking - 2008/5/28
"be thankful for your height halfling"
a good line but i would have said something along the lines of if you were two inches taller and i wasnt out of spels youd be a pile of smoldering ashes
because nothings really stoping him from useing another spell

CrazyFatGoblin - 2008/5/28
I play Warcraft. I also enjoy RP Maps immensely. I think I'm what you're looking for. Though, I can't host games, which is bad. Either way, great comic!

MTONinja - 2008/5/28
"other melons" - the real reason men go shopping Wink

Peregrine - 2008/5/28
Is it just me, or is Keriss' line in panel 7 a reference to Haley's? (i think it was #119)

Was this intentional?

Peregrine - 2008/5/28
Nice strip. I doubt my DM would see it this way, but if that actually works, I will have to add that to one of the pros of being a small sized creature.

Bitzeralisis - 2008/5/27
I didn't even know Burning Hands could miss like that.

Keriss' stance in frame 3 is really cute. :3

Forealms - 2008/5/27
"...That will be fetal"? Burning a medium-sized creature below the waste will turn them into an unborn baby?

Okay, I'm being a jerk XD

"And some other melons."

Jordan - 2008/5/27
"7320:1 is the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field with the first two digits swapped."

You know, I constantly do that. You would think I'd know by now which the right number is. *Fixes*

Mem - 2008/5/27
7320:1 is the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field with the first two digits swapped.

Elena - 2008/5/27
Aim lower next time. Even if it's an actual medium sized creature, you'll still get the lower part of the body...
...and for about half of the creatures, that will be fetal.

Toc - 2008/5/27
The odds of successfully flying through an asteroid field- according to C3P0 anyway

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