I Wanna Rock!

posted by Jordan on 2008/5/24 (Comics)

So I saw the new Indiana Jones movie... I still don't really know exactly where I stand on it as of yet (might have to watch it again), but I know that it wasn't bad. Maybe I'll write a review for it at some point. But for now, enjoy today's comic.

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Death Dragon - 2008/5/25
Heh heh.
"You do realize this isn't a nightclub?"
"That's what they WANT you to think!"
That is THE perfect answer to anything...except for Kaal, of course.
Great comic!
Crumshaw - 2008/5/25
When I saw the guard I was kind of hoping for a Monty Python-ish scene.

Ah well, great comic like always, Mr. Quigley.
Woodrot - 2008/5/24
But really, he could have just waltzed right through the wall, huh?
Lyinginbedmon - 2008/5/24
So many diplomatic endeavours can be solved with "I'm with X". Glad to see that didn't work for once.
Almar84 - 2008/5/24
I liked it as always
gurped - 2008/5/24
"would you believe im a member of the band?"

Face of Evil - 2008/5/24
Guess he failed that Bluff check. Nice work, Zarah. Or should I say "Jordan?"
Stef - 2008/5/24
Not one of your beter, Sorry Sad
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