Let's See Batman Do That

posted by Jordan on 2008/5/15 (Comics)

A bit of a jump in time, but I didn't really want to spend the entire time showing off every training exercise, and a montage didn't really seem to fit. Anyway, we're here now.

So Lana learns a new skill. The classic "turn into bat" routine, which seems to be a pretty common occurrence in the lore of vampires. And with such a skill, the difficulty curve of writing this comic has just increased once again. A double-edged sword, indeed.

We're also coming up on comic #100 pretty quickly here, and I will say that I have things planned. Big things. Begin your off-the-wall speculation at any time.

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Illu - 2009/1/8
The bat lacks ears. x3
Woodrot - 2008/5/24
Hey, has Lana even learned to fly yet? That should be fun!
MethosHazara - 2008/5/17
I wish they could hire a lawyer to bring Frank back
Shades of Gray - 2008/5/16
Yeah I was jokin' about that one.
Face of Evil - 2008/5/16
No ****in' way!
Eht Takreem - 2008/5/16
"Uy... Yes, Aldran?"
"I think I'm pregnant, and Kaalinor's the father!"
Epic_commoner - 2008/5/16
Okay, let's start by thinking about what we know about the characters:

Aldran: We know who his brother is, that he is epic, and that he has things to hide. Could one of those things come out in the least conveniant way possible?

Kaal: He is pretty much comic relief. Therefore, anything which would add more depth to his character would be unexpected and amusing.

Keriss: As a Tiefling, she probably has relatives in low places. Perhaps one of them could show up. Also, I've been wondering for a while what/where her animal companion is. It's probably not one of the big things, butif it ever does show up, her guildhouse would certainly be an appropriate place.

Lana: I can't think of much for Lana, but it will probably be interresting when she finds oul about the "not able to die normally" thing.
Jordan - 2008/5/15
The way I see it is that as vampires age, they become more powerful, and not so much in the sense of physical power becoming stronger. Rather, the longer they've been a vampire, the more time they've had to realize their potential.

Compare it to walking, or speaking. When we're born, we don't know how to do either, but by now, we take them for granted most of the time.
Elena - 2008/5/15
I don't think that's how it works, I mean, you still need help with it. But what do we know, we aren't vampires. Maybe it's harder for them then breathing?
Bitzeralisis - 2008/5/15
Who wants to be normal? Not me!

But really, how do you teach someone to use their natural abilities? I thought that they were just natural, like breathing.
Cult of the Raven - 2008/5/15
I agree - the hairstyle is cute! Awesome.
CrazyFatGoblin - 2008/5/15
Great comic, keep up the good work. And, yeah, Lana's new hairstyle is nice.
Lyinginbedmon - 2008/5/15
Okay...off the wall...hmm...ah!

Lana is pregant with Kaal's baby! Keriss has a sex change! Aldran is actually her long-lost cousin!
Lira - 2008/5/15
I also like Lana's hair like that, it's very cute.

I'm looking forward to the 100th comic after what you've said now. Very happy
Guest - 2008/5/15
I wonder how she'll look as a cloud. Also I like the new hair as well. Keep it up!
MTONinja - 2008/5/15
Normalcy _is_ overrated! :0 Great comic again.
Sororitas - 2008/5/15
Cool new Abylities I hope she does some of them in the next comics.

Good work keep it up.
Crazed - 2008/5/15
Good comic. I like the new hairstyle.
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