Every Good Lesson Begins With Food

posted by Jordan on 2008/5/13 (Comics)

You can't train on an empty stomach, right?

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SoD - 2008/5/15
Rockdeworld, that was Aldran talking about being starving, if memory serves me correct, Vampires physically cannot eat or drink normal food.

That being said, I'm still loving this comic!
Face of Evil - 2008/5/14
One of Keriss' guild members, Cult of the Raven. She was giving Lana and Kaalinor a tour of the building.
Cult of the Raven - 2008/5/14
Who's the girl in the brown behind Lana in the fourth panel? just a random NPC?
Or maybe someone more (dun dun dun) important?
Also, I say again, Kaal is just awesome.
MTONinja - 2008/5/14
The more I read this, the more I love the party ghost. Kaalinor is so happy at being useful Happy
Rockdeworld - 2008/5/14
I did n't know vampires needed (or enjoyed) cooked food.
Crazed - 2008/5/13
Omelette with coconut oil, for me!
Face of Evil - 2008/5/13
Training, huh? Time for an 80-styles montage!

Show a lot of things happening at once/Remind everyone of what's going on/And with every shot you show a little improvement/To show it all would take too long/That's called a montage/Gonna need a montage/
Insert Neat Username Here - 2008/5/13
I liked the "nothing if not Lawful" OOTS reference.
Forealms - 2008/5/13
So, when will he run out of Blood in a Can? Will Lana be feasting on others then?
Lyinginbedmon - 2008/5/13
Or anorexic
gurped - 2008/5/13
... unless youre bulimic
then its just messy
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