Schrödinger's Dwarf

posted by Jordan on 2008/5/11 (Comics)

A late update, but an update nonetheless. I would have liked to get this up sooner, but distractions kept popping up. Oh well, it's here now, and that's all that matters.

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Shrouk - 2014/3/12
Hola recien lo dercsago, lo provare para luego decir como me fue, pero les adelanto que esto de los softwares es muy importante para el desarrollo de los universitarios y no la porqueria de esos ingenieros que ensef1an a lo antiguo, es decir solo teoria
AlexStar6 - 2012/6/15
I need to chime in here really quick, as I like to do with anything that mentions the infamous Schroedinger and his cat.

1.) He didn't do an actual experiment.

2.) What he did was pose a hypotheical situation.

3.) He did it for the purpose of proving to people that arguing over results without proof is a waste of time.

4.) He made a point of saying in his lifetime that the only thing actually performing his said experiment would prove is that anyone willing to do it is a complete and total (censored).
Hunter - 2009/8/25
Ah... The crazy world of quantum physics. Of course, he is alive, having been observed as such by others, rather recently, but they don't know that. Don't you love the paradoxes of quantum disentanglement.
Battleship789 - 2008/12/1
The ubiquitous quantum mechanics joke has delivered again.
Schrödinger is probably doing barrel rolls in his grave from all of the horrible ways his poor experiment is being exploited. Happy
Peregrine - 2008/5/22
Hilmor was the dwarf with the beatle's haircut, right?
Celtic19 - 2008/5/11
Nice joke. Incidentally i only got the joke becuz i watch sci-fi shows Tongue
[Insert Neat Username Here] - 2008/5/11
Schrodinger's dwarf. I love it.
kpenguin - 2008/5/11
Look up Schrödinger's cat if you don't get the joke.
Phase - 2008/5/11
I wonder if Isotopes had a play...
Uncle Festy - 2008/5/11
You know, I missed the title, but as soon as I saw Keriss in the third-to-last panel, I realized what it probably was. Very happy
Lyinginbedmon - 2008/5/11
I wonder if Hilmor has a pet cat...
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