Waiting Game

posted by Jordan on 2008/5/7 (Comics)

I didn't update yesterday due to a combination of me being busy, tired and lazy. I was thinking of making a pie chart, but half-way through it I realized the laziness quadrant overshadowed all the others, so I gave up.

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Arcdevil/balkstar - 2010/10/24
Compared to OotS this actually has a faster moving plot and has a lot less periods of nothing interesting happening.
Advent - 2008/8/3
Two laughs, one at the end panel and another in your comment. You should meet you quota by comic 100!
Mordae - 2008/5/8
I smell a side quest coming up!
Fitzclowningham - 2008/5/7
Long time reader, first time poster.

Jordan, you rock! Keep up the good work. Updating more often than RB is cool, too.

That is all.
Eht Takreem - 2008/5/7
Hooo boy... This ain't gonna be prettay.
Cen - 2008/5/7
Gash, I was so happy that I spotted an error that I forget to add - grrrreaat jobHappy
But dosn't Aldran accept the idea of wasting time to easily? hmm must be that thing called "love"
Jordan - 2008/5/7
ugh... I need more sleep.

Thanks for picking out the error, and it's fixed now.
Face of Evil - 2008/5/7
Small error, but otherwise I thought it was a good effort. Happy tent is happy. Happy
Lyinginbedmon - 2008/5/7
Yeah, Keriss is answering her own question and Edgar is holding his mouth open.

And of course, Laziness is inversely proportional to time multiplied by effort, or L = X/TE
Crumshaw - 2008/5/7
Hmm, the guy in the vest is quite the ventriloquist.

Aside from that, keep up the good work Zarah.
Cen - 2008/5/7
There's an error in the first panel
Lira - 2008/5/7
Ooo, akward.
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