Welcome to Northhaven

posted by Jordan on 2008/5/4 (Comics)

Whew. This one took a while to make, being that I had so much new stuff to draw, as you can see. Something is up with my connection too, since it took well over an hour to actually upload this thing, so that didn't help either. In any event, it's here now. I wanted to do two issues for this, but couldn't come up with a good way to separate them, so just jammed them together into one.

So at last, the anti-heroes reach Northhaven, and the readers get the first real look at the small city. Tune in next time for more Northern hijinks!

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Norin - 2008/11/25
The lines on the mountains make it look like the city stinks Happy

Great comic!
HMK - 2008/5/6
I love this! Seriously, this is awesome.
Almar84 - 2008/5/6
Great comic as always!
Sequinox - 2008/5/5
love this comic as much as oots!
Uncle Festy - 2008/5/5
... so that's why Keriss knew so much about the Irontalons! She works for them!
Hah, that's great.
Naleh - 2008/5/5
Woot! Northhaven! And... Keriss runs a guild?

(Poor Edgar.)
Mordae - 2008/5/4
Final Fantasy (infinity-1), here we come! Still loving it Happy
Beguilement - 2008/5/4
I'm not sure if the new fade-in thingie is realy that neat for the website, but it's not that bad either.

Man, this comic as a whole is AWESOME. Just.. great job!

Everything from the storyline to the humor to the graphics.. and you know the icing on the cake? You don't have to wait a week for each update unlike certain other webcomics I know! *Cough* OotS *cough*.
Crazed - 2008/5/4
Awesome, Northhaven! Also, Sesben! Haha!
Lira - 2008/5/4
This should be interesting... Very happy
Bitzeralisis - 2008/5/4
Haha, Lana and Kaalinor are newbies!
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