Bump in the Night

posted by Jordan on 2008/5/1 (Comics)

The speech composition turned out a bit more confusing than I was expecting with this one, so if anyone's having a problem with it, all the tent panels should be read Top Left to Bottom Left to Top Right to Bottom Right.

Also, I didn't really notice this until now, but if you look at the tent in panel 4, you can see that it looks like it's in a pretty good mood.

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Brage - 2009/2/28
Very happy "What?! What did I ever do to ye?!" Very happy awesome
insecure - 2008/7/13
Happy tent FTW!
Clrtr - 2008/5/3
HAPPY... like the tent!
Lonna - 2008/5/3
No update today = sad
Double-issue tomorrow = HAPPY!!
Jordan - 2008/5/3
This is indeed the first time we hear Hilmor's name in the comic. And as always, thanks for the praise everyone!

As for today's comic, I got bogged down with stuff and didn't get as much time as I wanted to finish drawing everything I needed. So, today's update is more than likely going to be pushed until tomorrow, and I'll probably release a double-issue to make up for it.
Jarajara - 2008/5/3
This comic is better than order of the stick! keep up the awesome work. If your comic keeps updating this way then I don't even need to read OoTs!
Mechafox - 2008/5/2
Is that the first time we've heard Hilmor's name?
The Crimson Mage - 2008/5/2
Well, Zarah, it seems we have now the 2nd Best Comic Maker in the Playground.
The 1st, of course, is Rich.
Nevermind that, you keep up the good work.
Yay! for the happy tent!
Skelengar - 2008/5/2
I'll bet Tenthulu fires rays.
Bitzeralisis the Crimson - 2008/5/1
I think I figured out why the tent is happy. It's happy because it's actually an extradimentional alien that feasts on anyone that enters it. And now that it's nearly full, the tent is going to get a full, five-course meal! All praise the great Tenthulu!

*cough* I mean, I hope Finx gives it indigestion.
Moriarty - 2008/5/1
Happy tent!

a shame we can't post pictures in here :/
Face of Evil - 2008/5/1
One of the best strips yet, Zarah.
Bitzeralisis the Opal - 2008/5/1
Happy tent!
Doopliss - 2008/5/1
I love every character apologizing for groping her... Including the dwarf-cleric stuck in the corner? Or was that just a more "standard" grunt?

(Yay for Happy Tent)
Epic_Commonner - 2008/5/1
Happy tent!

You do realize that you may have just made something which may be able to beat ray.

I can certainly see what Finx means about the dwarf.
Smilley - 2008/5/1
At least one of them is happy. Happy
Keep up the good work!
Siriln - 2008/5/1
Hehehe. I love the expressions on the little heads next to the dialogue.
Ecalsneerg - 2008/5/1
What did I say about groping me? Classic
Lyinginbedmon - 2008/5/1
Happy tent is happy
Crazed - 2008/5/1
That happy tent is the coolest thing ever. Great comic!
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