Head Over Heels

posted by Jordan on 2008/4/24 (Comics)

Oh, Finx is not dead yet. Well, I guess, yeah he is dead, being a lich and all, but he's not dead dead.

And the anti-heroes are far from being done with him...

This comic also happens to mark the official launch day of this very website. Everything prior to this had already been posted on the forums at Giant in the Playground Games, but now it's all been relocated here. Hopefully, this will allow me to get a more broad audience, but only time will tell...

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Hunter - 2009/8/25
The beams of fear and flame worked after intimidate checks. Finx would easily beat those.
Mulmor - 2008/7/14
(Apart from the fact that this is a great story so far) I actually have a problem with the comments of Finx and the author: Finx seems to be surprised that he still lives and the author emphasizes that he is "not dead dead".

But wasn't the whole point of throwing him overboard to *not* kill him but leave him stranded in the mountains? If he was "killed" he would regenerate a new body right where he want's to be, so they left him in a remote location forcing hime to a long travel back. (In fact, why doesn't he kill himself to arrive sooner at his "masters" location?)

Ted - 2008/6/21
Awesome job so far!
Grod_The_Giant - 2008/4/26
congratulations! You have here a truly awesome thing- an 'in the style of' comic that is (dare I say it) every bit as good as the original! The web site is well earned, my friend, well earned.
Eht Takreem - 2008/4/26
You know what this site really needs? Topwebcomics and Buzzcomix vote buttons.
Kimdragon - 2008/4/25
OO! Yay! Another update! I must say what a fancy site this is, zarah! Definitely keep up the good work!
Green and Red - 2008/4/25
Nice with the site... ife read it on GitP nearly from the beginning, but rarely said anyhing... keep up the good work
Siriln - 2008/4/25
Grats on the site, and I love the comic!
Mordae - 2008/4/25
Now if he shoots beams of fear and flame from his eyes... naah.
Softmints - 2008/4/25
Congratulations on the new site; I really enjoy this comic. Keep up the good work!
Skelengar - 2008/4/25
This is so awesome! What happens to the old topic?
Crazed - 2008/4/25
Calthor: "I'm just wondering... Is it possible to get a RSS Feed up for this?"

It's in the works. Happy

Congrats, Zarah!
Katamari King - 2008/4/25
Gratz on the new site! /me adds new bookmark
Calthor - 2008/4/25
I'm just wondering... Is it possible to get a RSS Feed up for this?
Kylie - 2008/4/25
Grats on the new site!
Bitzeralisis - 2008/4/24
The great and even more great Bitzeralisis has returned! Or, in a technical sense, I have traveled here, to this site, on which your comic is located.

The second panel of this issue reminds me of Final Fantasy. Weird.


[Insert Witty Closing Here]
Cerulean Wings - 2008/4/24
Sweet site, awesome new comic! Loved the punchline and the observations made by Mr. Lich.
Epic_Commonner - 2008/4/24
Hi, I'm a bit of a lurker (with a different account name) on GITP, but I came here to say "Congratulations on the new site".

I ALSO came here to say "ray".
UomoLumaca - 2008/4/24
Jordan - 2008/4/24
Thanks for the comments, everyone. I'm glad you all like the site! Very happy

I wouldn't really call this the "new forum" either, since if this place continues to grow in popularity, I would like to have a completely separate area for discussion. I just haven't really designed anything for that yet. And my buddy Crazed is bogged down with about 700 other projects too, so I'm giving him a break. Tongue
Solmage - 2008/4/24
Weee! Love the new site! Love this comic! Now all you need is a spiffy 'favicon'/'bookmark icon' Happy
TigerHunter - 2008/4/24
And Zarah advances his evil plan to rule the world!

Hail anti-Heroes! Hail the New Order!
Massimiliano - 2008/4/24
so this was your big suprise update congrats.
well i supose this will be the new forum cool.
one more thing who can geuss my forum name from the next sentence.
Long Live Dragonkind
Eht Takreem - 2008/4/24
Long Time Lurker from the GITP forums, first time poster... Congrats on the new site. I'm surprised you didn't make a Hamlet joke here.
Shades of Gray - 2008/4/24
also... Ray
Shades of Gray - 2008/4/24
Phase - 2008/4/24
Congratulations on the new site Zarah! Or should I say "Jordan"?
Seriously, this is awesome...
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