Nice Toss

posted by Jordan on 2008/4/23 (Comics)

And another double issue. I like making these things because they give me a lot more freedom as far as content is concerned. In single issues, I just have those four rows to work with, and although I've pretty much trained myself to think in a specific way to maximize the space, it's nice to have this kind excess.

The only downside is that these issues take a lot longer to make, and do a real number on slowing down my computer.

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KillItWithFire - 2011/5/29
Looks to me like the tiny whisper text reads "Why don't we just throw him overboard? It'd take him ages to find his way out of the mountains and we should be long gone by then."
Kelvin - 2011/5/4
...Someone please tell me what Keriss is saying in the super-small print.
Lat - 2010/6/3
Hey, it's readable without zoom.
Flint_A - 2010/3/1
I love you for actually writing tiny letters instead of scribbling. And I love myself for being able to read that.
Keybounce - 2009/3/28
What I like is that the tiny text is -- barely -- readable when zoomed in.
Memnarch - 2008/11/3
This one still cracks me up. Very happy
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