Elven Negotiations

posted by Jordan on 2008/4/23 (Comics)

It's not uncommon for players to put their foot in their mouth when dealing with NPCs, which is more or less what I tried conveying here in this comic. The sad part is that some players tend to do it without any regret and basically say whatever they please to any NPC they encounter. Unfortunately for Andil here, Lana happens to be a bit more vengeful than your average NPC.

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monster expert - 2017/11/15
Adventures that don't Know what the Bloody Hell Their doing are bunch Fannys.
warwin - 2016/9/15
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Jordan - 2008/4/24
I'm more or less trying to avoid making distinctions on who is a PC and who isn't, much the same way Rich does in OotS. Though I generally view the main characters as more PCish than the others in the comic, if that helps in any way. My comment above was directed in a more general manner.

And yeah, I'm aware that the confirmations can be a bit hard to read at times. Sometimes you just need to try another.
Uncle Festy - 2008/4/24
... wait, isn't Lana a PC?
Oh, and the image was a bit difficult to decode. Too many similar colors.
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