Flawless Timing

posted by Jordan on 2008/4/23 (Comics)

And here it is! The first official "jumbo-sized" issue, coming in at just over double the size of a normal issue and complete with the introduction of three new characters. All in all, I'm fairly happy with how this issue turned out, though I would have liked the battle to go on a little longer, but I was running out of ideas to use, so decided to cut it short. Besides, I had important places for the characters to get to and I wanted to get them on said tracks as soon as possible.

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Len - 2012/11/24
Vampire... immune to mind effecting!
Gitman00 - 2011/3/14
So... I'm assuming this comic used the 3.5 DnD ruleset, right? If so, undead (like vampires) are immune to mind-affecting spells.
Kazemi - 2009/10/5
Rock falls, everybody dies.
Dinah - 2008/8/19
The "ship" talking to Dave kinda reminded me of 2001... coincidence?
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