Shattered Dreams

posted by Jordan on 2008/4/23 (Comics)

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Hunter - 2009/8/25
Most likely, Kaal has no idea what he is talking about. Not really surprising when you think about it. this is just some of his crazy showing.
Sequinox - 2009/5/14
Oh contraire, Zarah. There ARE comments here.

And how would he know about Sauron, but not Gamgee? Obviously, He knew more about the villains... Because he's arguably one... Or at least a henchman...

Eh, I have no idea. Either way, it was funny.
Hremsfeld - 2009/3/30
*Attempting to get rid of #174's cookie nomage (don't mind me)*
Brage - 2009/3/17
"You are taking the ring to Sauron!" Very happy Who is Gamgee anyway?
JC - 2008/12/23
Given the fact he doesn't have a solid brain in his head.. he may have forgotten.
Hippoboy - 2008/4/29
maybe Kaal is like me and can't remeber protagonists names?
Eht Takreem - 2008/4/25
Universal anomalies have a habit of giving off rays that mess with your head.
Kd7sov - 2008/4/25
This... is the same Kaal who didn't recognize the name "Gamgee", right? So then why is he talking about Sauron?
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