They're Answers, Aren't They?

posted by Jordan on 2008/4/23 (Comics)

I think if I ever saw a ghost like that, I'd challenge him to a duel. Just for the novelty of being able to say I duked it out with some ectoplasm. Then I could go around introducing myself as a "ghostbuster" and women would flock to my side.

Assuming, of course, I live. But really, how hard could it be to beat a ghost?

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Lalaine - 2016/4/14
I think you've just captured the answer pecreftly
wolfgang - 2014/3/22
where do the 63 come from?
I thought V killed a quarter of all black dragon, along with a good number of humains?

Malygos - 2009/4/26
What do you all have againts Vaarsuvius?ยจ

He has done more good than evil... so what he/she is neutral. Deal he made was superb... And to note... taking out 63 black dragons who were neutral at best...

only thing that cane someone hold againts him is that he offers potential to fiends... and for limited amount of time.
Volkov - 2009/3/23
Xykon could easily demolish every character in this comic besides Aldran and Eldhiln, but because he doesn't multiclass and has more hit points than Aldran he can still beat them. But Uber-V will slaughter the entire cast without so much as a second thought, It takes a lot of BAssery to slaughter 63 dragons in one fell swoop of pure evil.
Llamallord27 - 2009/2/22
Llamallord27 - 2009/2/22
1)It's BELKAR.
2)This is probably the coolest punchline ever, although the rest of the comic is a little iffy Sad
JC - 2008/12/23
incorporeal miss chance even with a magical weapon, immune to crits means Belker would have a hard time. I think his Favored Enemies are Human and Goblinoid Wink
Kobold-Bard - 2008/9/21
Ghosts have the same level adjustment as vampires ( 5) so they can't be that easy to beat.
Tanner - 2008/6/3
Belker bitterleaf could beat a ghost Happy.
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