The Death of Anti-Heroes

posted by Jordan on 2021/1/7 (Comics)

It's happening!

Anti-Heroes is coming to an end. Not that it was still going, but it's time to finally call it a wrap. However, there's some unfinished business to take care of. Like I said in my last update, I don't want to just dust my hands off without providing at least some amount of closure for those of you left invested. I want to try to make sure that your burning questions get answered... And the best way I can do that is by doing it live!

Join me while I run you through all the planned plot points I had for the comic, answer any questions you put forth, and just reminisce in general as a send off for the comic. And I won't be alone! Joining me will be our local webmaster and guest artist Crazed Ewok as well as the writer Leakingpen.

The livestream will be taking place on Saturday, January 30th starting around 5:00 PM PST (7:00 PM central) on my Twitch channel ( Even if you don't know anything about Twitch, I urge you to swing by and hang out. It will be a fun time.

But don't worry if you won't be able to make it, since the entire stream will be archived on my Twitch channel for two weeks, and then permanently on my YouTube channel as well. I may even edit the video down to be more digestible, depending on how things go.

And if you want to preemptively ask some questions, I have a Google Form that you can use to submit questions early. There's no limit to the amount of questions you can submit, I'll do my best to get through them all!

Finally, follow me on Twitter if you want to keep up with any changes or updates as they happen. Oh and spread the word! I'd love to see as many people as possible involved with this.

What better way to say goodbye than together?

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Ertai - 2024/4/1
@Crazed - And we appreciate that Happy
Crazed - 2023/8/31
@W: I'm committed to keeping the site up for as long as I live, and I still check periodically to make sure nothing has broken/apply security updates. So, I can assure you at least it'll never be abandoned while I draw breath. Happy

Glad to see people still re-visiting and enjoying the comic!
W. - 2023/6/24
at ertai : yes you are
sadly, not enough of a necromancer to inject a new life in this ashed vampiric horse

on another subject, it is impressive that the website is still up, available for rereads
Ertai - 2023/5/26
I am still around
Nona Reverse - 2023/4/18
. . . How about now?
Ertai - 2022/12/7
Nobody coming here anymore?
Ertai - 2021/2/18
Couldn't be there on the stream, life is crazy with the apocalypse. But watched it today. It is good to know how the story would end... but you know, perhaps you will decide to finish it one day Tongue or at least draw some of the important scenes Happy
Nona Reverse - 2021/2/8
I have nothing clever, insightful or heartwarming to put here, just that I checked this comic every week for six years, and regret stopping right in time to miss the announcement and the livestream. Thank you to The Creator, and to Leakingpen (I GUESS, uggh . . . %uD83D%uDE01) for making this awesome comic. I was genuinely holding out hope it would continue (I type this from within a padded cell), but I truly appreciate the time you took to answer your fans' questions! Lead wonderful lives, Fellow Asylum-Dwellers!

Thanks, for, like, giving me stuff to read. 'Twas swell.
Sariondil - 2021/2/4
What a shame. After 6 years or so I finally remembered what fun this was in the beginnings and decided to re-read it, just to find you're done? Makes me a little sad, ngl
Crazed - 2021/2/3
It was a fun time! Thanks to everyone who came out to hear us reflect on the comic and the community who continues to love it. Happy
ZerglingOne - 2021/1/20
HUMVEE Driver - 2021/1/9
Thank you for including a YouTube video for those of us who don't use Twitch.
Ertai - 2021/1/9
And I am the crazy person who never left...
Aaron - 2021/1/8
I never delete a comic from my feed reader. Sometimes they come back sometimes something like this happens.
me - 2021/1/8
So I just recently came after remembering about this comic which I had forgotten about but which I actually enjoyed back in the day, and while it's sad to see it is going to fully die, at least it's nice to know that we'll be getting those beans most of us were waiting for when we saw that Dypen wouldn't manage to actually finish it. Also nice to see that I arrived just in time, because there's not much of a window to learn about the event and it was pure coincidence that I came back after so long.
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