Filler: Art Soup

posted by Jordan on 2020/2/20 (Comics)

Sooooo it's been a while.

Before anything else, I should say this isn't an announcement of any sort of return.

I wanted to reward the few of you who might still be checking in here after so long. A good friend of mine named Beedrops is a fantastic artist, so I commissioned them to draw up some character art of the ol' Anti-Heroes. If you want to see more, they stream their art every Sunday right on over at their Twitch channel. You can also get your own sketches done just like these if you contribute to their patreon. Also you might as well follow them on Twitter for updates as well. It's all good stuff!

As for me, I'm still streaming, but since Hitbox died forever ago, I'm on Twitch every Tuesday evening working my way through the entire Assassin's Creed series. I also tend to show up Monday evenings on my friend Stupiddice's stream as well. And if you're still hungry for content, there's a whole network of my friends that all have their own streams as well including ActionShakespeare, Wordse, CandyArachnid, and PublicOpinion. If I'm not directly participating in their streams, I'm probably hanging around in chat.

I realize this isn't much of an update, but I wanted to let everyone who might still be here know that you haven't been forgotten. Without the fans, Anti-Heroes wouldn't have existed in the first place. If you still want to know what I'm up to, then like I said before, my Twitter is still probably the best way to keep up to date.

Thanks again for all the continued support!

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Ertai - 2020/10/8
One of the last one it would seem...
Ertai - 2020/9/8
I stop by because I feel like a pillar of this community Tongue
ZerglingOne - 2020/8/9
Honestly I just come back every now and then looking for the info dump. I'm pretty sure that's all any of us want anymore. And it's been so long since the last update that if/when there IS an info dump, I'm going to have to reread the entire comic to be invested in the story. I think the fact that this drawing even exists at this point, that it garnered as many comments as it has, is nothing short of remarkable.
W. - 2020/6/23
I wonder if ultimately, this page will end up having more comments than the previous.
since less people seem to come back regularly now maybe not.
Tanar Morbain - 2020/5/31
Anon - 2020/5/17
Wow, the last time this updated was shortly before I graduated college.
Subzero008 - 2020/5/5
I can't believe we actually got something. It's not a return, but this is light years ahead of the silence that's been there for years. I'm so glad to get some closure, and new news.
Ertai - 2020/5/4
Well, some of us still check every now and then Happy
HUMVEE Driver - 2020/4/19
Quixote - 2020/3/19
Subzero008 - 2020/3/19
What the hell...? Holy crapgawg
Locnil - 2020/3/6
Huh. When I made that comment last month I wasn't expecting anything to ever come out again, but for some reason I though to check again...

And I must say, even if *this* is the last update ever, it's still a better ending than that last page. Something to remember the Anti-Heroes by.
Varanax - 2020/3/3
This is an impressive piece of necromancy!
talkamancer - 2020/2/26
Wowzers. Sporadically indeed.
Torn - 2020/2/22
5 years... Ahhhh it's a revenant aim for the head!
Cantankerous Brewer - 2020/2/21
Patiently waiting with hopes for the end of the story. Thank you for reaching out to your fans.
Nona Reverse - 2020/2/20
Ha . . . HAHAHAHAhahahHaaHAAhAhAHhahahahahHAhHAhhahahHAhahah!!!!!

That aside, what Tiri said. I also think a lot of people would be content with an info-dump, and the rest of the plot being revealed in a comment here, or something. anti-HEROES was, in any sane person's opinion, the greatest thing ever conceived of by any sentient or non-sentient person, animal, plant or mineral in all the varied potential alternate histories of the multiverse, and is a panacea. If it can't be finished, this comic deserves closure. Also, best wishes to the Creator! So happy you're alive. I've never watched a stream before, but maybe now I'll give it a shot.
WIC - 2020/2/20
Glad to see you're still alive. Sorry to hear the comic isn't coming back. Is there any chance of something like that happening or an additional author being brought on to close it out?
Tiri - 2020/2/20
Nice to see an update after five years, even if it isn't a revival. It's just a pity Giantitp went down right after the 'contact the authors' plan was floated. Hopefully there will be progress on that front soon.
Crazed - 2020/2/20
Very happy
Einy - 2020/2/20
Good to see that you are still alive. Or undead, or whateverWink
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