Filler: Anti-Social Media

posted by Jordan on 2015/3/11 (Comics)

Hey everybody.

Soooo yeah, it's been a while. Needless to say, I've been busy. Team Dypen have been hard at work getting comics out in my absence and I have to thank them for that. I've seen that reception has been mixed, but I'm happy with the progress the comic has been making. Although things have slowed down lately, it's still a hell of a lot more than I've accomplished in the past few years. On that note...

First things first, this doesn't mean I'm coming back to the comic. There'll be some disappointment, I'm sure, but I'm still not in a place in life where it's feasible. However, that doesn't mean that I'm not doing anything these days. In fact, that's why I'm here. I've still got a couple things going on and I want my fans to be able to know what I'm up to.

First of all, I have a Twitter account. I've barely used it for anything up until now, but I'm trying to change that. If you just want to see my daily adventures in boring, then I would suggest following me. I'll also be posting updates here for any of my other projects over the internet, so it's pretty much your best bet for staying in touch with me and anything I might be involved with.

Second of all, I stream on Hitbox! Right now, there's not much of a regular schedule, but me and the administrator of this very website (CrazedEwok) are playing through The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind on a weekly basis. I'll probably stream more varied stuff in time and if you want to stay updated then you can subscribe to my Hitbox channel or to my Twitter.

Third of all, for everything that I don't stream, I have a YouTube channel. There's a couple Let's Plays on my account and there's more content going up semi-regularly. I've also been editing and uploading my Morrowind streams to my channel and might end up sticking some more content (such as videos exploring the lore of Elder Scrolls) in with them once I get the time. Again, if you want to stay updated, then subscribe directly on YouTube or just follow my Twitter for general updates.

And finally, there might be some further projects in the works as well. Podcasts perhaps? I play tabletop games over Skype every week and oftentimes the audio gets recorded, so there's more than enough stuff to work with. Or maybe just a general podcast hosted by me and CrazedEwok? Who knows. Either way, there's always possibilities.

Anyway, long story short, I'm coming back after a long hiatus to keep in touch with my fans. Maybe one day I'll come back to the comic itself, but until then here's some crap to distract you while I get my life in order. Some of you probably don't care. Some of you probably don't even want to see me. Some of you probably think I'm just trying to whore myself out (which I am, no doubt there). But for those few of you who are still interested in what I've been doing, then this is for you.

Thanks for being fans.

EDIT: I have an profile now! Ask me questions about the comic, about my life, about games, about movies, about books, about whatever. You get the idea.

Once again, those links:

Twitter --

YouTube --

Hitbox -- --

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Subzero008 - 2015/5/8
Uh...I was more talking about the fact that the site still says 2013, and that the comic's orignal author seems like he cares more than the team does, judging by the updates.

Honestly, I really want Jorden to come back. Comic hasn't been the same without him. I'm sure comments like these are killing Team Dyspen's motivation, but maybe that's the problem.
long time fan - 2015/5/8
Please, oh please. Just lay out the complete story to us. The "team dypen" stuff didnt work. The comic is dead. Just let us have closure and give us the story. At this point you guys(dypen and author) are just being a*holes. Really...i dont mean to be offensive, but this is disrespectful to all who have been waiting to see the end of this story. Come on, show you have respect for us and stop pretending this comic isnt dead. Just give us the story in respect for all of us who kept up all these years.
JHSII - 2015/5/8
Ok, so Anon is just here trolling. Thanks for the insults.
Anon - 2015/5/7
Okay, I want to ask you something, JHSII. Do you have a notification system for when a new comment appears on the latest comic? So you know to fly here to its rescue? Because that's pretty sad if you'll put in that level of effort. But the far sadder possibility is that you're actually sitting here, lurking, desperate for a moment's change and so you pounce upon the latest development the moment you see it appear. Which pathetic path is the one you walk?
JHSII - 2015/5/7
And I ask AGAIN: Since you hate the comic this much, who exactly is forcing you to come here?
Why not just leave those of us who still like the comic in peace?
Anon - 2015/5/7
Yeah, I'm going to have to go with Subzero on this one. Like, what even is this page? The original artist, kinda-sorta remarking on the remake artist but really just plugging himself on social media? And making a "joke" strip about social media that doesn't actually contain any information of value. And serves as a pseudo-update to the months that the comic's gone without any actual development. This comic is /extremely/ dead and none of its many artists has the dignity to put it in the ground.
Subzero008 - 2015/5/4
DEAD. This comic is DEAD. With all capital letters.
Worm Anchorite - 2015/4/10
The colors are right! Very happy
Nona Reverse - 2015/3/31
It seems to me the goat is holding that phone on the flat side of its hooves. Glad to have a message from Quigley! I like the comic. Happy
The Succubus - 2015/3/30
How on earth do you hold the phone only using hooves? o.o
JHSII - 2015/3/27
No real questions, just acknowledging how much harder it is to do a comic like this as a team, rather than just one individual. The final result can never do justice to how hard you guys have to work to get there - although the final result is really really good!!
Sciury - 2015/3/24
If there were not any (loyal | addicted troll | active reader or other) fan, the comment page would
never depass 100 post, which it does 'often'
Zarah - 2015/3/23
Hey guys. Nice to see there's a few people still reading. And I see there's a few questions here, so I decided to set up an account to see if I can answer any of them. Ask me anything, comic-related, life-related, gaming-related. Whatever.
Prowl - 2015/3/23
Today marks 2.5 months from the release of the last actual Anti-Heroes strip.
Mad Lemmey - 2015/3/23
Nice one! Happy
Rammistain - 2015/3/17
Glad to hear from you. I really enjoy this project that you started. Sadly you had to pass the torch, but at least this comic is still alive and you didn't end it abruptly or leave the readers hanging like a lot of artists has done in the past.

Thanks again for sharing your vision with us and I wish you luck in your future endeavors.
GoldMoon - 2015/3/16
anti is back!
Finally! - 2015/3/14
Please come back! I want the old good days of AH back Sad
Team Dypen is ok, but its not the same.
Me - 2015/3/14
Welcome back, Goat! I for one have missed you terribly. I used to look forward to AH as much as (or even more than) OOTS. Since Team Dypen has taken over, I've been... disappointed, to say the least. Honesty, I would be happier with two new comics from you per year than the way things have been going here. That's the truth.

Way back when you took a break from AH, you asked the fans if they might want a 'spill the beans' option. I do, very much. I want to read what happens to the Anti-Heroes in your words. Would you please consider it?

-A Fan
Sciury - 2015/3/13

and a vampire taking selfie good idea
... inability to see oneself self centering added charisma sadly isnt enough to beat anachronism

what does Kaal think about social media ?

(media is plural for medium and he is a ghost)
JHSII - 2015/3/11
LOL Very happy
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