Thus the Balad Begins

posted by Chris on 2015/1/6 (Comics)

Good evening! It's Dyluthus here and along with Leaking Pen we are officially back from the Christmas break with a brand new anti-HEROES to start off the New Year. Enjoy and one more is in the pipeline for Thursday!

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Mad Lemmey - 2015/1/10
good to see you back gents!
Leaking Pen2 - 2015/1/9
Mordae... I was wondering how long till someone picked up on it being in ballad format, and thus fitting Gilligans island. (And amazing grace. And o little star of bethlehem. And the pokemon theme song. Yes, thats right, you can sing the Pokemon theme song to the tune of gilligans island. ) Turns out... first bloody comment.... sigh.
Dyluthus - 2015/1/7
@Night Templar & Tiri I spelled the word Ballad wrong last night when I posted the comic, it was entirely my slip up. Apologies Happy
Night Templar - 2015/1/7
Tiri: Never mind. I see what you mean. I was looking at the page, not the RSS feed.
Night Templar - 2015/1/7
Me: You have about as many excuses to continue reading this comic you allegedly hate so much as people who care about your comments. Zero.

Tiri: It's not misspelled. Not sure what part you're referring to.
JHSII - 2015/1/7
Sadly, this reminds me of at least one adventuring group I played with. I hope these guys have more luck!! Very happy
Me - 2015/1/7
You're about as good at ballads as you are with the comic. What I mean is - you suck at both.
atristain - 2015/1/7
I wonder if they had a dummy run before going on stage.

I thought that the Goblin's chief was nobody's puppet.
Tiri - 2015/1/7
Why are the titles always spelled wrong?
Mordae - 2015/1/6
Now I'm hungry for a salad...

And I have the theme song from Gilligan's Island running through my head. Fits the rhythm.
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