posted by Chris on 2014/5/16 (Comics)

Good morning good readers! It's Dyluthus here with another edition of anti-HEROES and the beginnings of Keriss's and Kaal's exploration of the Thieve's Guild stronghold Happy


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Gildas - 2016/6/5
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Jenelle - 2016/4/16
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Buffie - 2016/4/14
AFAICT you've coreved all the bases with this answer!

jessequentin - 2014/8/20
Just looking through past comics and noticed they fixed the door. Originally it was a double door opening outward - like French doors. And, because it opened outward, you could see the edges of the doors and, at that time, they didn't put any thickness to them at all. Like the doors were paper thin. So if you read my first comment and were wondering what the heck I was talking about, THAT'S what I was talking about.

Ralanr - 2014/5/19
Looks like Fry is unconscious.

Zweisteine - 2014/5/17
Maybe the guild named itself "the thieve's guild."

But I think they've mentioned it's name before. Maybe?

Tiri - 2014/5/16
It's Thieves' Guild, not Thieve's Guild. Just so you know.

Atristain - 2014/5/16
Raise your hands if you knew the first place Kaal was going to check was the bathroom.

I would change the last panel to Keriss asking Kaal if he found her there and he replying "We were looking for her? Oh right! No, then." Very happy

Night Templar - 2014/5/16
Wooo! Nice perspective!

Jessequintin: I'm not sure what you mean. The door still looks perfectly thick, and if the lifting part's a suggestion (which it seems to be), then that's how they opened it.

Mad Lemmey - 2014/5/16
Love the whole strip, and look who it ain't with a tray. All coming back together nicely!
Keep it up lads! Very happy

jessequentin - 2014/5/16
Panel 2: What happened to the door being "thick"? And I guess the author didn't read the comments on how a thick door can open - sliding doors or perhaps lifted.

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