Priorities, it's all about priorities

posted by A on 2014/1/23 (Comics)

Ahh, serendipity. Or set up. one of those S words we authors love! Enjoy the comic!

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Yosio - 2015/10/9
I will be putting this dailzzng insight to good use in no time.

Mad Lemmey - 2014/1/29
Great update, Kaal just lucked out! Very happy

atristain - 2014/1/27
At last! We're back with the wrong crowd. Very happy

Me - 2014/1/26
The last two comics have been noticeably better. Doesn't make them great, but still. I sincerely hope they continue improving.

Paeris Kiran - 2014/1/25
So... how much is a vampire worth on open market?

One with Lana´s qualites that is... though a tiefling would fetch nice price too I guess...

naahhh better keep them Very happy

car - 2014/1/24
Glad she decided to go back for Lana. Gods, it would suck if her team dumped her a second time.

Dyluthus - 2014/1/24
Just fixed the transparency issue with Kaal in panel #12!

Avetzan1 - 2014/1/24
May I ask why Kaal is solid in the last panel? Or at least opaque...

The Leaking Pen - 2014/1/24
dumb luck, 4 point merit (wait... wrong system...)

Ertai - 2014/1/24
Your Kaal is much brighter than the original Very happy still fun though

Avianmosquito - 2014/1/24
Did... Did he just have a clever moment? Or did he luck out?

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