Brave, Stupid but Brave

posted by Chris on 2014/1/11 (Comics)

Hello hello and a much belated HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us here at anti-HEROES to you all.

Let's get 2014 rolling with a brave, stupid but brave act of valour on behalf of our friends the Ed's!

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WJS - 2016/10/16
I go by the general rule that if you're being sarcastic in text, use the Tongue smiley. Theoretically, if you're laying it on thick enough you might not need it, but how thick that is depends on the person, and some people are very thick. Tongue
Temmer - 2014/1/22
Sarcasm often translates poorly to text, and so I took you at your word claiming it was an odd justification. I'd rather be mistaken that way than assume it was sarcasm when you meant it seriously.
I try to only make constructive criticism comments (because I really do enjoy being able to continue to read this comic and want to see where it goes) so I hope you don't interpret this as me being petty or confrontational.
The Leaking Pen - 2014/1/22
Temmer, it's a typo and will be fixed. Speaking of the razor that never shaved the barber, which is more likely, that I would create some bizarre chain of logic to spell a reference a weird way, or that I was being sarcastic and putting you on? Tongue
Temmer - 2014/1/20
Leaking Pen... when your readers see that panel, which do you think they are going to think is more likely, that "Its a word in some language that looks REMARKABLY like the french phrase" perhaps being "an ancestral battlecry" or "impugning of the size of his opponent's genitals"

or that you made a typo?

I've mentioned Occam's razor once before. If you have to explain it in the comments, you are being too subtle. And if you are trying to make a reference to the Doctor, then it's odd that you'd deliberately change the spelling.
The Leaking Pen - 2014/1/20
Temmer, and this is a fantasy world where french doesn't actually exist. Its a word in some language that looks REMARKABLY like the french phrase, Let's go. For all we know, its an ancestral battlecry, or perhaps an impugning of the size of his opponent's genitals and an aspersion on the mating habits of his enemie's mother.
Temmer - 2014/1/19
You know allons-y is supposed to be separated by a dash. It's kinda like two separate words.
The Leaking Pen - 2014/1/19
Thank god, I was waiting for someone to catch the Doctor reference! Thanks Ib.
Ib - 2014/1/15
Happy Nice, nested Doctor joke
atristain - 2014/1/13
So Andil's going to debate their 'straw man' arguments?
The Leaking Pen - 2014/1/13
Today, on (shink shink sound as a sword and a wand slide into an X shape) DOUBLE EDGED. First Ed finds out the hard way why you should never read anything the sorcerer hands you. Second Ed finds some cute wolf puppies. DIRE WOLF PUPPIES! and the boys learn the hard way why the call it a dungeon "crawl".
The Leaking Pen - 2014/1/12
Atristain... Double ED-ged. The show about two Eds, and a world full of danger.... I like it... Hmm, i might have to rethink killing them of... uuh... i mean... I'll think about it!
atristain - 2014/1/12
I wonder: if somebody is screening these guys, are they going to be famous as other people start screening for their jackass stunts?
Mad Lemmey - 2014/1/12
Nice one lads. Happy New Year and good to see a fun update! Very happy
random internet guy - 2014/1/12
Yet again...when I tought all hope was lost team Dypen begins to bring new hope to this forsaken comic update schedule! EPIC!
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