Deck the Halls with Illusionary Bows of Holly

posted by Chris on 2013/12/25 (Comics)

Happy Holidays everyone and give someone special a kiss for Kaal and the rest of us Happy

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Cherry - 2014/3/12
I thank you humbly for shriang your wisdom JJWY
Temmer - 2014/1/10
...I probably shouldn't mention then that there is still a fake Christmas tree at my house. And tinsel.
Talkamancer - 2014/1/9
It's unlucky to leave your decorations up after 12th night.
Avianmosquito - 2014/1/8
No, but it's been two weeks now.
atristain - 2014/1/8
Why? Have you been kissed by a ghost during Holidays?
Avianmosquito - 2014/1/8
Hm. I'm getting deja vu...
Temmer - 2014/1/3
Ah, you sounded as though you were specifically pointing out "and I don't mean the whole 'new year' joke thing, I'm serious."
Night Templar - 2014/1/2
It was a joke about nothing having happened "since last year" technically.
Temmer - 2014/1/1
I see no issue with that Night Templar. Christmas/New Years is often a busy, family filled, and hectic time. Most of the comics I read have had at least one skipped comic due to the holidays.
Night Templar - 2014/1/1

So is anyone else bothered by the fact that we haven't heard from the authors since last year? And don't give me any "the year started less than a day ago" stuff. That's irrelevant.
Night Templar - 2013/12/31
atristain: Nope. The rules say the damaging touch of a ghost only affects living targets.
atristain - 2013/12/30
Happy Holidays.

I know that kissing a ghost (spirit?) would cause damage to a normal human, but does it affect an undead?
Seros Senric - 2013/12/27
But... There's no berries. The privilege is only when there are berries left, and each time a kiss happens a berry has to be removed.
grum - 2013/12/26
Merry X-Mas! Thanks for the comics thus far. Happy
Mad Lemmey - 2013/12/25
Merry Christmas all! :-*
Keep it up lads, here's to 2014.
Thank you. Very happy
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