I'll Spare You the Obvious Pun

posted by Chris on 2013/12/12 (Comics)

Hello hello! It's Thursday and it's your humble illustrator Dyluthus here with another instalment of anti-HEROES for your enjoyment.

So... well... enjoy Happy

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WJS - 2016/10/16
I don't get the panels with Bleuse. The "clear the halls", sure, it fits with him wanting to let them escape, but how does he know that they gagged the guards? How does he even know they escaped already? At first I thought he was watching them on the crystal, but looking closer he's watching his programs again.
leakingpen2 - 2013/12/25
I believe comments have been made about Andil's spot check before...
Venalitor - 2013/12/22
Yeaaaah. . . Those don't look like guards. And what kind of PCs are these, not trying to dupe their GM at every available or conceivably possible opportunity!?
leakingpen2 - 2013/12/20
aslandus, SHHHHHH! lol.
Worm Anchorite - 2013/12/18
Hey Dyluthus, did they use the rack on poor Hilmor in that Goblin dungeon? Seems to me his legs are a bit longer...
Aslandus - 2013/12/17
Those are some nice combat dummies they have set up out there
Night Templar - 2013/12/17
Excellent. This brought back memories of when a paladin in one of my D&D campaigns vivisected a party member and sold their organs. Good to see the "heroes: remembered their alignment.

JHSII: Yeah, auto crustacean... Er... Auto cucumber... Auto Chad... Oh, you know what I mean. It always amuses me when it causes smallscalereptile rescue... Umm...

Nevermind. If you'll excuse me, I'm going bowling with Gandalf the Grey.
JHSII - 2013/12/16
Just be glad that auto-correct didn't do to you what I've seen it do to other people!!
Mad Lemmey - 2013/12/16
Hadn't noticed my phone auto correcting Lemmey to Orkney before! :< Hmmm... Still a great strip! Tongue
Mad Orkney - 2013/12/14
Very happy
Nicely done chaps, glad to see someone has remembered their alignment! Wink
leakingpen2 - 2013/12/13
Atristain , he is indeed watching Ograh, with a special guest! (and I think it's been mentioned, if not, I failed! they are currently all out of healing magic until Hilmor prays at dawn.
atristain - 2013/12/13
Is the goblin chief/king reading an OotS book? Also, is he watching/screening Ogra?

I just noticed how much bigger your font is compared with OotS baloons.

I wonder how they're working the split with that... thing with two wheels. Anyone would think that after all the time they've spent in that dungeon, all their injuries would have been healed by now. Even a broken leg.

Anyway, another great comic, and thanks again for not making heavy references to RPG rules for all of us who are not immersed in the RPG games.
Gnomeking - 2013/12/13
Ha! The nod towards Don't Split the Party is certainly appreciated. Plus, it's kind of nice knowing that the "heroes" of the story aren't going to resort to killing defenseless guards!
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