Reality, My Old Nemesis, We Meet Again

posted by Chris on 2013/11/21 (Comics)

Good evening folks! It's Dyluthus your illustrator here with your regularily schedule Thursday edition of anti-HEROES!

Enjoy Happy

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Craig! - 2013/12/10
"Depends. How long was I trapped in that dream?"
"About seven months."

Com - 2013/12/3
"Hey baby, did it hurt when you fell"

"huh, what?"

"When you fell from heaven? No really, it looked painful"

JHSII - 2013/11/30
Dragon Magazine #56 or Best of the Dragon #3
Revised 1e Bard class

Gary - 2013/11/30
Kay, to every fish their own stream or whatever, i didn't even say nothin bout 4e dude.

How'd you even make a bard? Don't you need to take 5 levels in fighter, rogue, and Druid first?

Night Templar - 2013/11/29
Gary: Eh, it's not that big a deal that he's playing 1E. Just as long as nobody steps forwards as playing 4E, I'm fine. You're right that 3.5 is a pretty good edition, but I don't have enough experience to say that it's objectively better than every other edition.

JHSII - 2013/11/29
Sigh...pretty much the same reaction I got in Dragonsfoot. Thanks, Gary.

Gary - 2013/11/28
You know all the cool kids do 3.5, also bards suck ass in 1e, with a 15 in everything I can be some other class like a broken even then wizard

JHSII - 2013/11/27
I see you don't play AD&D 1e !!

Gary - 2013/11/27
Dude, just get minor illusion next time, same thing.

JHSII - 2013/11/26
I created a "Cone of Light spell, using the exact template for the "Cone of Cold" spell from the 1e PHB. The idea was for a spell that would only have a limited effect, like to hilight a bard's performance in a theater.
I copied the range and area of effect exactly from the PHB. I also noted that the spell would have no real combat value, although I was sure that someone creative enough might find some use for it in combat.
The attacks started with people criticizing me for getting the range and area of effects wrong. The more that I tried to point out that I copied those things verbatim from the 1e PHB, the worse the attacks became.
The second type of attacks came with the fact that it really wasn't a combat spell. I kept having to justify the spell as a combat spell for some reason.
When one of the moderators joined in - attacking me - I quickly found myself banned.

I still think it's a great spell - and bards love it, as it can bring something to a performance that neither a lamp, torches, or candles can bring.

Pony of Macedon - 2013/11/26
Now when you say "regularly scheduled"...

Temmer - 2013/11/26
I have to say JHSII that you've peaked my curiosity. What exactly did you do?

JHSII - 2013/11/24
Don't wish for that too hard, Gary!
Creating the spell "Cone of Light" was what got me banned from Dragonsfoot!!

Gary - 2013/11/23
I thought that all tieflings were red skinned, and since they didn't kill her as soon as they saw her I assume that everybody's cool with them, might be a lot of tieflings runnin around.

I like the spotlight, I wish that was a bard spell, "summon spotlight"

Reader - 2013/11/23
"Keriss, is that you?"
Hm, I don't know, how many other redskinned tieflings are wandering around?
Of course, it is Kaal asking...

leakingpen2 - 2013/11/22
Temmer, me too! When I wrote it up, it seemed awesome in my head, but I was worried it would look cheesy. Dyluth, as always, rendered out a drawing that was even BETTER than my mental image, and it is easily one of my favorite things we've done so far. (ah, but the explosions coming soon will be even better. SO many explosions....)

Temmer - 2013/11/22
I have to say, I love the "falling out of dream world" effect on the left side panels. I'm not sure exactly why, but it looks awesome.

Mad Lemmey - 2013/11/22
Nice one guys! Very happy

Aohaku - 2013/11/22
I like how you say it's the regularly scheduled edition when the site says it updates sporadically. Just... mind blown...

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