Of course, where is he supposed to find a virgin?

posted by A on 2013/11/14 (Comics)

Two, TWO comics in a row, ahh ahh. The worst part of going up? Coming down. (Also, I just realized that we did a full arc on a hallucination and didnt do ONE Go ask Alice joke. I feel dirty. )

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anonymouse - 2013/11/22
Thanks for summarizing, Temmer, I completely agree. I mean, maybe if he made similar mistakes more than just once (at the very end of his appearance, no less), so that we could see there was a pattern...

And - I really am sorry to mention it again, but it just bothers me: why does he also say "youR are"? There is no way you would *say* that to try and make yourself sound more cultured - and, if it's the result of Keriss's hallucination... well, again, then don't any other sentences in the last few strips suffer from it? (That's why I still have no choice but see it as a typo...)
Temmer - 2013/11/21
Leakingpen, please don't take this personally but if you have to explain something in the comments, it means it wasn't clear enough in the comic. There's such a thing as being too subtle.

This version of him has only been in about 3 comics, which isn't a lot of time to characterize something as subtle as trying and failing to sound cultured.

Think of it from our perspective and Occam's Razor: Which is more likely, that the author is trying to artfully imply a character flaw that age and maturity will later dispel using a single out of place letter, or that he made a typo?
Leakingpen2 - 2013/11/21
I really have to explain this? the nail has already been hit on the head. he's much younger, and using whom instead of who to sound more cultured, but using it incorrectly. its a subtle play on his character,and who he was then vs who he was now.

OR, possibly, it's Keriss's belief on how he would speak, but the grammatical error is on her mental part. Because, again, SHE'S HAVING A HALLUCINATION. Lots of strange stuff could happen...

Night, missing periods?
anonymouse - 2013/11/20
@Night Templar - well... You're being selectively pedantic right now, though Tongue (I don't even mean it as a bad thing!) I didn't point out only "whom", but also "your" - both are glaring mistakes (the missing periods you mentioned were easier to, uh... miss). I wouldn't have said anything at all if I saw it some post/comment on a random site - but I imagine this webcomic deserves better quality than that, won't you agree? I perceive it as a form of art, and I don't think art benefits from something as common and easily avoidable as those types of grammatical errors... so, yes, I do hold it to a higher standard than I would a commenter on Youtube, for example.

It still hasn't been corrected...
squindiggly - 2013/11/20
there is a reason that Grammar Nazis are often called Spelchekrz
Temmer - 2013/11/20
Selective pedantry allows you more free time, while still having opportunities to express your inner grammar Nazi.
Night Templar - 2013/11/20
It amuses me that so many people are complaining about the extra M, while the large numbers of missing periods two pages ago got kind of skipped over and nobody argued that the last page should have had those ending commas replaced with ellipses.

I don't know about you, but I prefer to be completely pedantic, not just selectively pedantic.
thelinkmaster001 - 2013/11/17
wait, what?
Gary - 2013/11/17
I think it has something to do with ask Alice?
Temmer - 2013/11/17
Yeah.... If it's not just a typo I can't say I get the joke either. He has poor grammar? He likes to try to use smart sounding words?
anonymouse - 2013/11/16
I thought jokes are supposed to be funny - as opposed to just looking like errors? (honestly, I can't tell if you're being serious or not, leakingpen - did you really mean that it's a joke?)
Reader - 2013/11/16
Yes, Turrick! I wondered if it had been him, but it was hard to tell with young!Turrick's legs crossed and hovering and all that.
Me - 2013/11/15
This one made even less sense than the the last one.
Avetzan1 - 2013/11/15
A long-time reader - 2013/11/15
This is encouraging, yes.
Bastardo - 2013/11/15
"Whoever you are." Intransitive verb, and all that.
Mad Lemmey - 2013/11/15
Nice one gents! Very happy
SoItBegins - 2013/11/15
OK, I think I nailed it.

Evil, on the eve of the (201?) days, will sacrifice descendent blood.

Tell of another and restore the truth that was denied.
anonymouse - 2013/11/14
So... do we have leakingpen to thank for the "whomever your are" bit, then?..
Ertai - 2013/11/14
Nice too see new strips again Happy I guess I am not the only one puzzled Very happy
Anyway can I ask you a question? Will you show us Finx anytime soon? He wasn't in the comic like bajilion years...
Leakingpen2 - 2013/11/14
no one has gotten it correct, but A. order of the bubbles is a little here and there, and B. artifacting seems to have confused which words are actually bolded in a few cases. heh.
squindiggly - 2013/11/14
Soooo, is the competition over, or is it still going?

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