I Don't Care What R.A. Says

posted by A on 2013/7/22 (Comics)

Sorry for the late comic all, we are working on getting another up by Thursday to help catch up.

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WJS - 2016/10/16
This one still has a lot of typos. Panel 2, "me?" should be capitalised, panel 3, "Now Now" the second now shouldn't be capitalised, panel 9 "proffesional", and panel 11 "other people are missing to".
Leah - 2014/3/13
Would your brother rlaely buy a new van just to get out of cleaning out the current one? Wouldnt that require driving to the dealership in the current dirty van?
Bebegig - 2014/3/12
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Westbrook87 - 2013/8/5
The bit where she says homonyms seems a bit confusing and distracting.

Oh, and it's spelled "professional."

Nice dutch angles.
leakingpen2 - 2013/8/2
The spacing with the dashes is odd. I'm not sure what I was thinking, I'm going to ask Dyluth to change that.

However, it would not convey the same information. I would have been unable to poke fun at Mr. Salvatore.
Night Templar - 2013/8/1
I agree with Temmer, but for different reasons. You don't need that many words to say so little. You could just have "same difference" and convey the same amount of information in less space.
Temmer - 2013/8/1
I disagree with part of Anon's comment. While the whole thing about "special effects" and the odd way the stammering lizardfolk was written were a bit choppy, I actually liked the droe, drow line. "A professional knows there's really not much difference between the two." would not have been even the least bit funny.
Anon - 2013/7/29
Can I just make a small request? Please try to steer clear of peculiar turns of phrase, odd idioms, and generally out-of-place dialogue. Way too often has the comic been made unclear by these strange, choppy, one-or-two-word sentences which obscure the meaning. This whole "Droe/Drow" thing just doesn't flow naturally, and I think it would have been better served with a comment like "A professional knows there's really not much difference between the two." or something like that. Less punchy, but clearer. The "nice special effects" line in the last comic is much the same. A few comics ago, with the Lizardfolk saying "I, uh, that is, I-" also didn't work, even though I could see what you wanted to do with it, just because of the static panels and lack of emotion in text. Please, read over the comics and make sure they actually flow, and don't just get lazy and use one word when three are needed.
Night Templar - 2013/7/24
Ah. I figured that wasn't it because the two examples had the syllables separated in different ways (by hyphens the first time and spaces the second), and because I didn't really think she'd say that (although, in hindsight, it makes a certain level of sense). Thanks.
Gicko - 2013/7/24
@Night Templar, She's saying that being a professional killer and a professional cleaner is the same thing under two different names, such as saying toe MAY toe or toe MAH toe. Drow and Potatoe also have two different ways of saying that ultimately mean the same thing.
Gary - 2013/7/24
Wonder how a vampire werewolf would work...... Shouldn't they lynch him just because he's a vamp?
Night Templar - 2013/7/24
Huh. Kind of confused here, namely by the maid's last line. The rest of the comic makes sense.

I definitely didn't see this coming. This should be interesting...
leakingpen2 - 2013/7/24
Gicko, i can neither confirm or deny your conjecture. But you have 6 comics to wait to find out.
Gicko - 2013/7/24
Oooohhh i see what's going to happen... Turik saw he vampire not being the werewolf, so he knows he's innocent. BUT, he wants to save his maid freind from a possible lynching, and with the vampire guy only now showing up, he can try to shift the blame onto him to get it off of her. But he knows the vampire is innocent, does he sacrifice a known innocent for a possibly guilty freind? >Happy
Mad Lemmey - 2013/7/24
Another feed strip lads,
Looks like this one is building to its climax.
Tatsu - 2013/7/24
Yay Comic
Me - 2013/7/23
This comic certainly is an improvement, but I still don't know why we should care about these characters, or even be bothered to know their names.
Tim - 2013/7/23
Hey guys.
What did I miss?
I just finished eating a big Sloppy Joes.
Ertai - 2013/7/23
Duuuhh.... I hate this iamge verification SOOO much! Anyway... I find this... weird... thic comic should concentrate on Anti-heroes... there are heroes, Ivory veil and now those... I think there are too many "parties" to follow. I do like this comic, but I don't much like this "4 different parties" style... and BRING BACK FINX please Happy I totally want to know what is going on with him... c'mon... just 1 strip for devoted fan...
Smilley - 2013/7/23
Also, "other people are missing too". People often get that one wrong, for some reason.
Reg - 2013/7/23
I like this comic, so I'm pointing out a typo.

Professional. Not Proffesional.

(note from Pen. Thanks Reg! Totally my bust, I'll point it out to Dyluth. )
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