Late To The Party

posted by A on 2013/6/30 (Comics)

Sorry for the late update everyone! Happy 4th to us Americans! Go blow things up! (please note, the management does not endorse blowing things up illegaly. )

To all the Canadians, happy Canada Day!

We are peeking back in on the Werewolf storyline with Turrick and The Maid.

While we are doing so... The Maid is still unnamed. Any suggestions? Most popular one becomes canon! GO!

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WJS - 2016/10/16
“Bango: It looked to me, when The Maid is not dressed in 'her' uniform, that this is a *male* Bugbear.”

You think this is a male? I don't think many will agree with you.
Night Templar - 2013/7/17
I think that this is why we need a forum. So that we can discuss other things instead of just focusing entirely on the comic. I really think that if the community here had some things to talk about other than opinions, then we might actually become more of a friendly community rather than people arguing.

Wait, that was an opinion right there. Shoot. That either proves my point or negates it, but I'm not sure which.

Also, yes, I have heard of both of those. Wasn't too much of a fan of the former, unfortunately, though I felt it had a lot of potential.
Gary - 2013/7/17
Welp, the hate comments stopped for now, any of you heard of 'will save world for gold' or 'our little adventure'?
leakingpen2 - 2013/7/17
Guest, thank you for the comments! That is the exact strip I was looking at when I decided to have her have a reason to be immune to poison (but the tooth was my addition, not something from Jordan.) Thanks for hanging around and reading, and I agree, its been dialouge sparse at times, but when we up it, I get complaints about wall of text. It's all a giant balancing act!

Night Templar, notice the wall colors chage. They've all come inside the room, and are outside the bathroom, that the wife is now inside. The maid in the last panel has just walked into the main room.
leakingpen2 - 2013/7/17
Well, the comic started as as sub comic of OOTS, you can always talk about it over in the fan comic or webcomic sections there.
Night Templar - 2013/7/17
I like the idea of a forum. As for how I got here, I found this place through TV Tropes, personally.
Gary - 2013/7/16
How much advertising does this comic do? How did any of you find your way here?
Temmer - 2013/7/16
I'm not sure there is enough traffic to justify a forum. I mean they only get 20-ish comments per comic.
Avetzan1 - 2013/7/15
I agree with the idea of a forum. That would be so much help with organisation. We can actually put things as different conversations.

Please oh pretty please may we have a forum? Happy
Guest - 2013/7/14
Oops! Forgot to mention a few things in my previous comment.

First: Name of the bugbear maid. Buffy would be funny.

Second: I miss Anti-World!

Last but not least

By the way, did I mention that I really enjoy this comic?
Guest - 2013/7/14
Longtime(since Ograh) reader, firsttime poster.

When I first read AH I really enjoyed it and still do it.

A few days ago I decided its time for an extended archive binge, so I read the entire thing from the beginning and thus had a wonderful day full of laughing.

After that I went to TVTropes specifically Anti-Heroes of course. And again I had a day full of laughter.

It was then that I learned Jordan gave up on the comic and team Dypen began. So I decided now its to read the entire comic again, but this time around I would read all the comments too. It took me several days, they were not so much full of laughter.

At the beginning the readers were full of praise, then came the first schedule slip. From that point forward there was always complaining how there is no comic and threatening they would leave if this wouldn't change. With time all this got worse and worse.

I guess what this comic really needs is a forum, like the one Crazed promised years ago. This way the comments can stay free of all the things not regarding the current comic. All the other things can be posted in the forum.

Finally I want to say something that goes a while back. In this comic some people discussed about the tooth , especially if it was there before or not. Thanks to my aforementioned archive binge I could clearly remember this comic. Reread the first three panels. I think this could count as foreshadowing or maybe a brick joke. Maybe there are some tropers here, I guess they are better qualified to decide what exactly it is.

Nothing more to say except I enjoyed the comic in the past and I enjoy the comic now, but since I already said this it would be redundant of me to say it again, so I don't say 'I enjoyed the comic in the past and I enjoy the comic now'. On the other hoof, sometimes one can't say enough how much you enjoy something, even when there are no ponies.Confusedad:
Gnome King - 2013/7/12
Thanks for the clarification! Don't get me wrong, I still really enjoy this comic. Compared to Order of the Stick and even the earlier strips of Anti-Heroes, I've noticed that the strip has tended to be a bit sparse on dialogue. Perhaps fleshing out the dialogue would help explain things a bit more. In any case, keep up the good work!
Fitzclowningham - 2013/7/9
I really liked the focus/aperture effect in the last panel. Very foreshadow-y. And the comic makes perfect sense to me, except for who these people are and their relevance to the rest of Antiheroes, but I'm pretty sure you'll explain that eventually.
Anon - 2013/7/8
Ohh, seer as in the game thing, not like a Psion specializing in Clairsentience (which is called a Seer) or just a general divinations specialist. That could have been made clearer. (Like a lot of things in this strip)
Exuberant Panda - 2013/7/8
His "target" means the dark elf that he was using his seer ability to observe (I think). I believe he can pick anyone in the group to use that ability on to try and figure out who the werewolf is (still not sure). As far as special effects, that was the bubble appearing with the dark elf pictured in it.
Anon - 2013/7/8
Yeah, what do you mean by "target," and what did he mean by "nice special effects"? Like, the effects of the divination (if that's what it was)? Was that scrying, and he was watching that guy in real time? Seriously, more words make for a clearer story. A single panel of "Well, we don't need to wait around to find out who the killer is when magic will do the trick. Scrying ought to provide a better alibi, or catch the real killer in the act." Or something. Just throw us a bone.
Night Templar - 2013/7/7
Hmm... I just noticed something. His wife couldn't see him when he died, and she was just near the entrance, but here the shower's in clear view. Is this an error?
Kronos - 2013/7/5
What do you mean he's shown "his target"?

Maybe the problem is that this game (was it called "werewolf"?) is utterly unknown to me, and before this I've never heard of it.

So maybe it would have been a good idea to actually have some of the characters explain it, for people who don't know. Maybe then this plotline would make more sense to me, but right now I only know "someone is killing people".
Mad Lemmey - 2013/7/5
Something unexpected, not the murder, the name...
Terri? Imogen? Trevor? Tongue
Night Templar - 2013/7/3
It may just be because I reread this comic recently, but this page made complete sense to me. Don't really get why a lot of people are confused.

I really think that the bugbear should have an E name. Emily? Ella? Ellen?
Bango - 2013/7/3
It looked to me, when The Maid is not dressed in 'her' uniform, that this is a *male* Bugbear.

Melody may be very well for his/her cover name protending to be housekeeping, but his/her actual name really should be something foreign-sounding seeing as the character is not human or demihuman. Perhaps Empedocles?
Ink - 2013/7/2
I also like Madette, or Elisa. I agree with Avetzanel, Melody is a little too childish.
Gicko - 2013/7/2
I reccomend Madette
leakingpen2 - 2013/7/1
The green bubble is Turrick (the seer) being shown his target. He now knows that the dark elf is NOT the werewolf.

Sparky, Turrick is one of the council formed by Aldran's father, back before he was born. He was running an entertainment park in the early comic, and we've been watching him and the maid who came with him as they try to meet with Aldran and co in Lavakport. The rest of the characters are all cameo's of reader's characters, most of them from the forums.
sparky22 - 2013/7/1
Without looking back (not that I know how far back I would need to look) I have absolutely no idea what any of this relates to.

Also, despite having read every strip, I couldn't tell you the name of any of these characters and I'm not really bothered about finding out as they're not what I come here for.

Have any of these characters or what they've done ever had any relevance to the actual Anti-heroes?
Avetzan1 - 2013/7/1
The put forward the name "Catherine". Melody the Maid sounds a bit childish to me...
Tatsu - 2013/7/1
Yay comic. I'll second the name Melody. Also, while I don't mind multiple storylines in comics, it might be helpful to have a "Previously on..." in the Author's comments. Just a thought.
Me - 2013/7/1
Score another one for the Anti-Logic-Heroes. What's one more disjointed and confusing comic, right? Have you learned nothing from your past failures?
Bartimaeus - 2013/6/30
I vote for the name 'Melody'.
Gnome King - 2013/6/30
I think I'm missing something because the entire "nice special effects" thing is going completely over my head. Is it an illusion? Other than that, nice comic. Keep up the good work!
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