How DOES That Not Work?

posted by A on 2013/6/13 (Comics)

Thursday, and all those betting on Kaal's stupidity, collect your no prize!

We've gotten a bit behind with a couple of late comics, and Dyluthus and I are working on getting caught up as quick as we can, and maybe getting a few special treats for you!

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Dyluthus - 2013/6/28
So very sorry for the delay in getting the new issue up everyone but the next edition is in the pipeline as we speak!

Have a great Canada Day long weekend to all my fellow Canucks out there!
Temmer - 2013/6/24
I'll agree that the comic isn't as good as under the old author, but I still keep checking back every week. I want to see what happens, and it does seem like team Dypen makes an effort to adjust based on constructive criticism.

Zarah certainly isn't coming back, so what more can we ask for then someone who tries hard to improve?
JHSII - 2013/6/18
I want to thank "me" for proving my point, and demonstrating that he's in fact just a troll.
Good comic - looking forward for more!!
Me - 2013/6/18
So when is it hard to criticize? I note that you still haven't given any reason why this comic is 'great'. Probably because you're a mindless fanboy who can't think for yourself. Or that there simply isn't anything 'great' about this comic. You want me to contribute? BRING BACK THE GOAT. I'd rather have two updates a year instead of this unfunny parody of a once-great comic.
Anon - 2013/6/18
I have to say, I don't think "Me" is just pointlessly trolling. This comic was better than the last few, but it wasn't actually good. It was just not bad. Still not funny or clever.
Ink - 2013/6/17
Good job, guys. Not to give a back-handed compliment, but this is one of the best we've had for a while. I appreciate your perseverance, despite all the mixed signals you get.
Night Templar - 2013/6/17
Great comic. There is a bit of a plot hole (he gets confused that it didn't work, implying that he thought it would, making it seem strange that he thought the door would be a problem last comic), but generally good.

Also, I propose that everyone just ignore the comments by "Me". He is clearly just a troll (and a bad one at that), and he isn't here for the comic, just to complain.

I do think that we need a rule system, though. Add some rules to the comments section and block users who disobey them from commenting. I think that as it is, we're too chaotic, as a person could come in here and say "Socks are dumb. 8*FFF5t98RjSlolololol" and then proceed to post that on every comic after that, which is not the ideal system. I realize that this is a big request, but I genuinely think that this sort of thing needs to at least have one rule.
JHSII - 2013/6/17
You see what you choose to see.
I note that it's easy to criticize when you contribute nothing but criticism.
Me - 2013/6/16
Care to explain how you see anything "great" about this?
random internet guy - 2013/6/16
Very funny!
JHSII - 2013/6/14
If you see "mediocrity" it's because you choose to see "mediocrity".
The comic is still a great one!!
Me - 2013/6/14
And the mediocrity continues.
Mad Lemmey - 2013/6/14
Nice one chaps! Poor Kaal...Very happy
Kecal - 2013/6/14
Those betting on stupidity were talking about wrong bit, but still were (sort of) right.
Tatsu - 2013/6/13
Yay comic
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