I Don't Think Anger Works that Way

posted by A on 2013/4/23 (Comics)

Sorry for the late upload, but there will be one done on Thursday at midnight! We are actually ahead! (now if we can stay that way)

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leakingpen2 - 2013/4/26
Westbrook, not so loud! There's no need to be a turkey and strike to his heart with a comment like that. Let's spare good Andil's feelings about his head.
Mad Lemmey - 2013/4/26
Good comic chaps, like the resolution to the problem... and the lock pick after. Very happy
Westbrook87 - 2013/4/24
Andil's face in the second panel makes him look a lot like a bowling ball. Lulz.
Arnold - 2013/4/23
"Why didn't you just break free earlier".
As The Terminator would say "anger is more useful than despair."
Kronos - 2013/4/23
Hehe, yes, this time I get reminded of some of my own games, when suddenly after some extremely dangerous and hard task someone comes up with "Hey why didn't you just do X? You know the thing you're the specialist for."
Leakingpen2 - 2013/4/23
He wasn't picking it in 288, he was chipping away at the mortar to loosen the other spike in the wall.

The hard cut to Andil is basically Laris ignoring Ed's question. Like, he just turned around and walked away in embarrasment. Sorry if that didn't come through!
Night Templar - 2013/4/23
Medinoc: He had one hand free.
Koboldian - 2013/4/23
I love the not realizing he could just pick the lock of the hand that was bound. I still think he should have spent at least a few minutes taunting the elf. Wink
Someone - 2013/4/23
Dr Simon called the roll reversal. Look back.
jessequentin - 2013/4/23
Looking at #288, the bard DID try to pick his other hand free. He must have failed his roll.
Shade - 2013/4/23
Is it just me, or is the dialogue (in this strip, but also the comic in general) a little weirdly paced? I often have to read a panel a few times before I figure out the timing and inflection of the words. 296 is a big example, but the first few panels in 304 feel the same way. It's just kind of "off".
Tatsu - 2013/4/23
Yay comic
Medinoc - 2013/4/23
That question was stupid: You can't* pick the lock on one hand with the same hand: You have to use one hand to pick the other, which is impossible if you're shackled with arms spread...

*Unless you're just that good. It's an RPG after all.
Locnil - 2013/4/23
Didn't realize the whole reversal of roles thing... nice touch.
Xykeb Zraliv - 2013/4/23
I kind of felt like Ed's question had more comedic potential than you gave it, especially since we don't even get to see Laris's response in the first place -- the hard cut to Laldera and Andil talking is a little awkward. Other than that this was fine, though. I think a comment already pointed this out, but I like the formal acknowledgement that Laris and Andil's roles were somewhat reversed there.
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