A Little Motivation

posted by Chris on 2013/4/14 (Comics)

Hell hello, it's your illustrator Dyluthus here with our much delayed newest edition of anti-HEROES.

Have a great Sunday everyone and enjoy the strip Happy

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WJS - 2016/10/16
I have to say, the art on this one is really not very good. He's supposed to be trying to pull the second chain from the wall, right? Why the hell would anyone try to do so in that pose? That's an incredibly weak way to pull. If you need to pull out something stuck hard in a wall, you face the wall and brace against it with your other arm (or legs, and use both arms. Something like panel one of OotS #654). He didn't have much choice with the first one, but for the second one he should be pretty free to move however he likes.
Charulatha - 2014/3/13
I hope you will do this event again next year...! I'm such a fan of you and Jeanne Becker, too... I wanted to go this year but I live in Ottawa and it would be exnsiepve for me to pay the bus tickets and the tickets for the show. This is such a great event... And it's for a good cause. I love it. I'll come next year.Thank you Coco, you're an inspiration. One day, I would like to be amodel... You really make me want to do this. Happy
Souaad - 2014/3/13
David ~ 12-8-2007 at 15:59:05 I am new to your works and I really enyoejd the HERETIC. Thank you very much for the reading. Are you at some later date going to turn the other two books into audiobooks? Enjoy the holidays.David
leakingpen2 - 2013/4/26
I kinda agree with Xykeb on that one, he can't tell teh difference between being a jerk and being a drill seargant. That feeling was completely on purpose!
loosefoot - 2013/4/23
In panel 3, I don't think Andil is actually being inconsistent. He's not saying, "Laris, pull!" He's saying, "Go on, pull, you weakling." He's mocking Laris with a command, which he wants Laris to think that he (Andil) thinks that he (Laris) can't fulfill.

Panel 6 is trying to be the same thing, but it's worded so that it sounds like Andil really is serious, so I think that's the inconsistency you're seeing. Then his tone turns mocking again through panel 7, but it ends with a challenge: Prove your worth. That's the whole point of his monologue, but he drags out the preceding phase, so the ending comes suddenly, which could be more gently segued into I guess.

Overall, though, awesome comic concept. I wish that approach worked on me.
Xykeb Zraliv - 2013/4/19
I've read this a few times and I think the problem I have with it is that Andil is inconsistent on whether he's being bitingly sarcastic/insulting (panels 2, 7, and second half of 6) or commanding and direct (panels 3 and first half of 6). Obviously the overall idea is "insulting", but the difference between the two is still jarring. It's like he can't decide whether he wants to be a drill sergeant or a middle school bully.
Dr Simon - 2013/4/19
Not only is the bard making a Strength check here, but the fighter is attempting to inspire competence (a bard class ability). Nice twist!

@"me" - Nothing wrong with a dissenting opinion, but you've become a parody of yourself now.
Westbrook87 - 2013/4/18
This was freaking awesome. Rage gives a 2 circumstantial bonus to strength checks Happy
leakingpen2 - 2013/4/17
yes, the 2d environment makes it difficult to really show, but he is bracing against the wall with his fee and hand, hanging in part from the chain while using legs to push out.
Night Templar - 2013/4/17
The Out-Pointer: I interpreted him as pushing against the wall with his legs for added strength. He should probably be using his other arm too, though.
Xykeb Zraliv - 2013/4/17
You're right, actually. For that matter, shouldn't he be able to use his other arm to help pull? And if gravity were working properly he would probably be standing on the ground meaning he could put his whole body into it.
The Out-Pointer - 2013/4/17
Umm.... Am I the only one noticing him floating in mid-air?

Those are chains, He is being supported by his arm only.
Did he cast a spell off panel or does celebrity status allow Laris to forsake the laws of physics?

...I SOOO wanna be a celebrity Sigh
Ralanr - 2013/4/15
So a narcissistic rage?
Tatsu - 2013/4/15
Yay comic
Bob - 2013/4/14
Getting called out on not being able to use a real man's sword is one thing, but when an elf does it....
Koboldian - 2013/4/14
I just know that's what I would do in this situation Wink
Me - 2013/4/14
Boring and predictable.
Night Templar - 2013/4/14
Koboldian: Oh my god. That would be great. It HAS to happen. I will be very disappointed if you free him, Laris.
Koboldian - 2013/4/14
I bet 5 gold pieces this results in Lars leaving Andil strapped to the wall... "Come on elf fighter make your strength... wait, do can elves even make a strength check?" Very happy

(...and before someone's PC character is offended by the above comment I play elven characters all the time Wink and enjoy when they out-strength check the barbarian)
Night Templar - 2013/4/14
Wow. Nice job Andil. But I can't help feeling that part of the reason you're using that tactic in particular is simply as stress relief.

Also, I like Second Ed's whisker things. He sure can grow nice facial hair.
Avetzan1 - 2013/4/14
Another great comic.

Also, just a note, shouldn't the cast page have been updated a bit? We have Turrik (forgot how to spell that...), the maid bugbear, the two Ed's, Arderas and probably a few more.

Wait, the two Ed's are staying right? ...Right?
Mad Lemmey - 2013/4/14
Ahh the heroes return!
Way to go winding the bard up! Very happy
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