Bard Class Skill : Shoveling

posted by A on 2012/6/28 (Comics)

Happy Thursday! I hope we bring a bit of lightness to your approach to the weekend!

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Marylada - 2016/4/16
Glad I've finally found soihetmng I agree with!
Doughboy - 2016/4/14
You've really imspesred me with that answer!
Malerie - 2015/10/9
Thanks for writing such an eaontts-uyders-and article on this topic.
angelina - 2012/12/29
Laris is a smart bard! IT IS POSSIBLE! *leaps to roll new character*
Alexander (leakingpen - 2012/6/30
Hey all, we've added another pinup page to the TWC voting! Also, you can see them on twitter if you follow alexanderdsoso Minkis, indeed it is! Edd, we're working on it!
minkis - 2012/6/29
Ah, a lovely Tales of MU reference!
Edd - 2012/6/29
Wait, you guys have a TWC vote?!?
You guys should have a vote button somewhere on the main page.
Exuberant Panda - 2012/6/29
@Leakingpen: Zing!
Otherwise, entertaining so far. The "heroes" are not quite as hilarious as Aldran and company, but they're doing well comedy-wise.
Leaking Pen - 2012/6/29

my apologies. I usually make it a habit of hitting a space before the period when posting links, and didn't do so this time, so there is an extra period in the link.... (Funny, I thought Zelda got periods, not Link. )
Mad Lemmey - 2012/6/29
Another great comic lads, but when I try the vote link it appears to be broken??? Any ideas?
Night Templar - 2012/6/28
I wonder how he plans to sign the book with both hands tied behind his back.
Dyluthus - 2012/6/28
My mistake on the foot cast, it has been fixedHappy
Xykeb Zraliv - 2012/6/28
This was actually a pretty good strip. I do see why you brought up the thing with Laris earlier (although to keep things in perspective I still stand by my position that it was poorly implemented in the conversation and dismissed way too quickly to be proper foreshadowing), and I felt that this page actually came together pretty well. I think there's been a bit of a problem with tangents recently, but this one stayed pretty focused on the main point, which I think was a strength.

What happened to First Ed's cast, though? It looks like he's just missing his foot or something. Is this just something Dyluth forgot to draw in or what?
Tatsu - 2012/6/28
Yay Comic
Kareasint - 2012/6/28
Go figure the odds. The leader is a fan.

Yes, that is the Sword of Omens.
Ifreann - 2012/6/28
Is that the Sword of Omens in panel 7? Awesome.
talkamancer - 2012/6/28
A fan in the forest, how very fortunate
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