Lady Stings the Bleuse

posted by A on 2012/6/15 (Comics)

Jolly captor, isn't he? Way too smart for his own good... What does he have planned for our heroes? What torture lies in store? Will call sense a tied up angry woman at a distance? And what trimester IS Bleuse in? These answers and more, as we continue...

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Draconi - 2012/6/24
i thought she was shouting about how she couldn't breathe Tongue
Terri - 2012/6/20
Okay 3 things
2) I just starting reading this about a week ago and I am totaly ubsessed with it!!!
3)Okay is that goblin a girl or a guy?!?!?
Night Templar - 2012/6/20
@Reader: That sort of plan is pretty common in fiction. Get someone to ask something that allows you to answer with some mention of your power, then use said power to wipe the floor with them. It didn't work because of the antimagic rope, but she didn't know it wouldn't.
Reader - 2012/6/19
Um, why did she want to tell him that she was a caster? What was her reasoning behind that?
Leaking Pen - 2012/6/18
Hmm. I've stripped a bit of dialouge for space and to speed this up. Elf Ed and Hilmor WERE gagged for being casters, but Laldera was identified as a greater threat, and tied up with anti magic rope. They only had the one piece, you see.
Mad Lemmey - 2012/6/17
Another superb strip lads, working well, love Laldera's face colour change!! Very happy
Aesop - 2012/6/17
There needs to be more women characters who, when tied up, are busy getting free like a boss whilst others are figuring out what's going on in their captor's psyche.
Venalitor - 2012/6/16
No, I bet Hilmor (who I keep wanting to call Durkon) was gagged for being a dwarf.
Night Templar - 2012/6/15
Good logic on the kobold/goblin's part. Female captives in fiction have a tendency to either be annoyingly whiny or to constantly give defiant speeches to their captors.

Wait, Hilmor was gagged as well. Does the kobold/goblin think he's female as well?
Tatsu - 2012/6/15
Yay Comic. Also, "Fizzle", lol, and then the fat goblin just rubs salt in the wound.
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