Ruin All the Mystery, Why Don't You

posted by Chris on 2012/6/8 (Comics)

Hello hello one and all! It is Dyluthus here with another Thursday's instalment of anti-HEROES, featuring the triumphant (but not really at all triumphant) return of Laris, Andil, Hilmor and Laldera and of course the first and second Ed!


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Night Templar - 2012/6/11
I have an idea. You could link to the voting gateway with the word "vote" in a similar border to the RSS feed, search, donate, and store buttons at the bottom, then keep it the same height but probably twice as wide as the other buttons and put it next to them.
Leaking Pen - 2012/6/11
Bleuse suffers from the dreaded, Dunlop's disease. That's where his belly dun lop over his belt.

Thames, it's been discussed, but there really isn't a way we can see to add it without breaking the existing flow of the page. Any suggestions?
Night Templar - 2012/6/9
@The Jon: I think that's where the kobold is, hiding under the shirt.
Thames - 2012/6/9
Just out of curiosity, why don't you have a top webcomics vote button on the site? I know you had a link to it in the comments a few times, but I think a permanent vote button would help. It doesn't take that many votes to move into the top 100, and a little more publicity would be nice
The Jon - 2012/6/9
Uh... is that goblin just fat, or is it a pregnant female?
Mad Lemmey - 2012/6/9
Love the Darstedly and Mutley quote too!
Tatsu - 2012/6/9
Yay Comic
Night Templar - 2012/6/8
Now that Laris has shown superior powers of perception, he must be the leader! Tongue

Hmm... I'm willing to bet good money that the gnome from before was actually this kobold in disguise.
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