Hammer, Definitely Hammer

posted by Chris on 2012/3/28 (Comics)

Good evening everyone! It's your humble illustrator Dyluthus here with another new issue for your enjoyment.

So uhhh... enjoy! (Hey, I'm not the writer hereWink)

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asdflove - 2012/12/21
Wait... the symbol on his eye pstch is the same symbol that's on the cover of the book Aldran's holding in 228... What?

TheOrigamiGuy - 2012/4/2
hmm...it would appear that Mister Pointy-hat is secretly in league with the Decepticons (scope out his eyepatch!)

Den - 2012/3/30
While I do prefer anti-HEROES or Arderas & co to the Heroes, this comic is still among my favourites, if not the favourite.

Apo - 2012/3/30
Something that has been on my mind lately. This comic seems to have slumped a little, could be that it is not as funny as it used to nor as driven - actually the pace has slowed considerably. Art looks as good as ever but I miss the earlier times where I couldn't wait to see what's next.

Mad Lemmey - 2012/3/29
It's a cult! Got to be a cult! Symbols, amulets, all it needs now is four annoying kids, a great dane and a rubber mask! Wink
Nice foreshadowing reference btw! Happy

Blakjak - 2012/3/28
He'd rival Elan in his attention to plot points and procedures.I wonder where this is leading up to?

My guess is that it has something to do with the flaming sigil on that medallion, perhaps a sign of the Black Council or one of its leaders.Arderas controls an entire Nation, whether the people are aware of it or not,he would'nt stoop to such petty business as this villainy.

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