3 6's, 36 Inches, Same Difference

posted by A on 2012/3/22 (Comics)

Happy Thursday all! New comic for your enjoyment! Dyluth has been taking your feedback and working with the script to make the comic layout a little less rigid and a little more fluid, and I for one LOVE it. Hope you enjoy it as well!

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angelina - 2012/12/29
Agh so many Princess Bride references!
Not that I'm complaining
Leaking Pen - 2012/3/26
Veltharis, ahh, I see! No, Laldera was suggesting that she had a 17 charisma, and Laris was stating, no, those were 18's.

Xykeb, yeah, I've seen that, but I dunno. That felt a bit too canadian to me.
Xykeb Zraliv - 2012/3/24
I do like that the strip sizes are more different now, although I do have to agree that the placement of the word bubbles is awkward. I wouldn't go so far as to say they're hard to follow, but it is sometimes unclear. Another thing, and this is minor, is that I notice Hilmor says "yes" in this strip rather than "aye". I realize he's speaking in sync with Laldera who doesn't have an accent, but they could have easily just had separate word bubbles. Also, this may or may not actually be relevant, but I believe OotS dwarfs say "aboot" rather than "about" - although on that one, I would say you don't necessarily have to follow suit; I simply wanted to point it out. Again, very minor, but I think that more attention to detail could really help.

That all being said, you're improving and this was not a bad update. I just think there are some details that could do with some ironing out.
Gnomeking - 2012/3/23
Lol. I loved the Princess and the Bride reference. Combine that with the Laris goodness and I'd say we have a pretty good strip right here!
Prometheusmfd - 2012/3/23
Again, I'm noticing a rather awkward placement of word balloons, mostly where they are drifting down over the characters when it doesn't need to be. And while changing the size of the panels keeps it a little less bland, it still feels haphazard and really doesn't add to the flow.
Veltharis - 2012/3/22
And, while I hate to double post, just recalled that that's not how hexadecimal works... >_<

Confused the value of "A" (10) with the value of "F" (15) and added 2 instead of 2x16 when converting.

Move along, nothing to see here... >_>;;
Veltharis - 2012/3/22
@Leaking Pen

Actually, I was referring to "Room 2a" and Laldera's "So, 17?".

I understood what Laris meant. Tongue
Blakjak - 2012/3/22
An excellent omage to "The Princess Bride". However, they are short the comic relief necessary to pull that off.

Also, its good to be Laris!
Leaking Pen - 2012/3/22
Veltharis , no, dice joke. Old school D and D had you generate your stats by rolling 3 d 6's. 3 6's means an 18 (in this case, in charisma. )
Veltharis - 2012/3/22
A joke in hexadecimal?

Ifreann - 2012/3/22
Oh yeah, partial nudity. I like where this is going Tongue
Exuberant Panda - 2012/3/22
Inconceivable! Very happy This had some of the better dialogue in a good long while. Keep it up.
Mad Lemmey - 2012/3/22
Love teh Princess Bride reference at the end, and the autograph hunters! ;P Looking good boys, nice link without getting bogged down in exposition too!
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