He IS Famous, You Know.

posted by A on 2012/3/15 (Comics)

Leaking Pen with today's comic! Dyluth did a wonderful job on the poster, as well as the issue as a whole, as always!

Laris has to remind his party JUST who it is they are dealing with, and some odd shenanigans are afoot! Where will it all end?

In other news, @AlexanderDSoSo is my twitter feed as an author, and will include updates about anti-HEROES.

What minor characters from strips past would you all like to see again? Tell us here, they might just make a comeback!

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Carly - 2012/3/21
I will not fall into the trap, only to be brought back to die Sad

Seros Senric - 2012/3/20
No, he's half-celestial/half-infernal or whatever.
Lana was made from a scroll that they found in a cereal box, and there was a bet on whether it would work or not
(although Aldran could have cheated in some way, usually vampires have to bite someone while they are still alive for them to turn There's more to it than that though, or there'd be millions of the things staving from a lack of food, but you get the idea. Lana was already dead before she was turned into a vampire)

Paeris Kiran - 2012/3/18
whether there is any official origin story on the first vampires.

Well it is supposed to be some form of curse in relation to bloodlust of original person... how the curse spreads... well magic. There is always a counterspell... though it may be extremly difficult to achive.

F.e in warcraft lore it is possible to revert an undead into living beeing... sad thing is one would need a titan to do it.

It is still only change of structure in body, as far as matter is concerned there is no difference between reasembling flesh or forging a sword as far as magic is concerned. flesh is more complex and requires better control than metal but you get the idea...

Prometheusmfd - 2012/3/17
Again, the placement of the word bubbles is a tad confusing. Otherwise it's a rather ok expositional comic.

Dyluthus - 2012/3/17
The typo in Laris's name has been fixedHappy

aidreamer - 2012/3/17
Well, epic necromancy can create vampires.

Kind of makes me wonder whether there is any official origin story on the first vampires.

Siosilvar - 2012/3/16
@Xykeb Zraliv: Hm, I suppose you're right. Guess he's got a fourth-wall-transparent bluff check.

Gnomeking - 2012/3/16
Hmm... Now that's interesting. Does that mean that a certain hooded figure is a vampire? But no, that can't be the case: if he was a vampire, his speech bubble would show it Happy The plot thickens...

Xykeb Zraliv - 2012/3/16
He's pretending not to know Lana, presumably so the others don't know that he's had friendly contact with her. You can tell by his look of shock a couple strips ago and the way he talks in this one that he knows her.

Clertar - 2012/3/16

Siosilvar - 2012/3/16
Completely aside from the "under" v. "arden" thing, doesn't he KNOW Lana? By name? Or is comic 164 not canon after you guys took over?

Blakjak - 2012/3/15
Any respect or sympathy for that pointy eared twit Andil I would have had before this strip, which was little, went out the window when the piece of crap said "a trap or something".

The lack of care was a slap to the face, so I really hope his end is painful and drawn out. There is no excuse for such disregard for the lives of your team members!

Leakingpen - 2012/3/15
dragongirl, yeah, it is, why do you....
:reads sign and speech bubble: Uhh.... ::reads original script::

Heh Heh Heh. uh.... WHOOPS! my bad. Good catch. I've asked Dyluth to fix that when he gets a chance. Thats okay, I keep writing Hilmor's name as Himldor, and I have no idea why I do that.

dragongirl13 - 2012/3/15
I thought his name was Laris ARDENwood...

Tatsu - 2012/3/15
Yay Comic!

Locnil - 2012/3/15
Nice pose. Only just realised that the rock is supposed to be a vampire head.

Mad Lemmey - 2012/3/15
Another great comic chaps, well done! Nice build up there too!

Ertai - 2012/3/15
Guess Laris don't take cereal into account...

Ming-Ming - 2012/3/15
Great to see an update and Laris is rapidly becoming my favorite character! Go bards!

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