Ya Genre-Savy?

posted by Chris on 2012/1/24 (Comics)

Hello once again! It's your humble illustrator Dyluthus here with the latest issue of anti-HEROES AND a return to our primary party of... well... anti-HEROESHappy

Now before I forget to mention this I just wanted to say that last week on the day that Wikipedia and several other websites went dark in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (or SOPA) we got the idea of joining in by updating the comic page to be compltely dark except for the characters white eyes.

By the time we had this idea however it was already late in the day, and the political tide had already turned against SOPA (at least for now), so we decided to shelve the idea for the time being or at least until the next day of protest against whatever comes act or proposed law follows in SOPA's footsteps.

We here at anti-HEROES will always count on a free and open internet make our entertaining of you possible. Enjoy the comic everyone!

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Pineapples - 2012/12/29
anyone notice that aldy's sleeves disappeared in the last panel?

ArLinda - 2012/2/9
[...] I mnntioeed in my recap of Heroes Con 2010, one of the highlights was the Podcast Panel on Sunday.  Thanks to Chuck Moore of Comic Related, [...]

Leakingpen - 2012/1/26
Pretty much Mike. We are going to pop in on the MC's here and there. The main purpose behind this side arc is that Jordan is still writing up a full plotline for us to follow, and is very very busy with school and such (the reason he brought DYPEN on board). So this is to give him some time to get the main plot on paper.

Mike - 2012/1/25
So instead of watching the main characters walk for months on end we get the 'Heroes'. Hmmm... it's a toss up.

Paeris Kiran - 2012/1/25
Aww girls and mud... would have loved that Happy

Leakingpen - 2012/1/25
For everyone getting all excited, Sorry, I should have made it clear. This is a brief interlude, we'll be going back to the heroe's after this. Also, referee, considering the word is a corruption of a spanish word, I'm not too worried about the V. plus, it helps the third pun.

Tatsu - 2012/1/25
Yay comic!

referee - 2012/1/25
Kaal's idea was a good one. Also, you mispelled "savvy".

Reader - 2012/1/24
AH CRAP the first part of my comment got deleted. I meant to say, "Great job on this strip, it's looking better every time." And then the rest...

Reader - 2012/1/24
Also- Some hero will stop the madman raising the dead? Some hero like... Andil and his group? o.O

Ink - 2012/1/24
After they solve this arc, they should go on a quest to figure out where Aldran's sleeves go when they disappear.

Anyway, glad we're back with the main group!

Exuberant Panda - 2012/1/24
What happened to Aldran's sleeves in the last panel?

By the way, keep it up. As a fan of webcomics that frequently go cold for several months *cough* vgcats *cough*, I don't mind delays.

Moogle - 2012/1/24
Yay progressssssss

Also the house in the first panel is almost comically bad. Well, not bad, but overly plain.

The giant usually adds a little something to spice up the artwork. http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0830.html there, he adds a mirror so he doesn't have a blank wall behind the characters.

Just a suggestion.

Mad Lemmey - 2012/1/24
Excellent new strip, thanks lads!

Talkamancer - 2012/1/24
Best strip of the new beginning. Genuinely funny, well done guys. Fast update time too.

zeddicus - 2012/1/24

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