You're Gonna Need A MONTAGE!

posted by A on 2012/1/17 (Comics)

And Dyluth comes through with a new comic for you all, amazing turn around time after I got him the script. Again, I apologize for the delay everyone, but you should be getting your fix quicker now!

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Klytus - 2012/1/23
Copyright... 2011?
Ancient One - 2012/1/22
I personally would not want the beans spilled, but I do hope the crew can start offering at least weekly updates. There are clearly time management issues at work here. The team needs to strategize and work on a solid update schedule.
Me - 2012/1/21
Is it too late for the whole 'spill the beans' thing?
Red XIV - 2012/1/19
Xykeb: I think it's simply that, as a bard, Laris is just playing to genre conventions by initiating a montage.
Xykeb Zraliv - 2012/1/18
I do understand that there is likely a reason for forgetting Charlie, but what strikes me as odd about it is that Laris seems immune to whatever hypnotic/suggestive/etc. effect the others are under, yet he, the one who must consider the others' behavior odd, is if anything the one who initiates the idea that they all just forget about it and move on.

As for the bar fight, I was aware that they were part of a cameo, but I must admit to not bothering to check out their origin. I suppose that makes sense, although from a narrative standpoint it still seems paced somewhat awkwardly.

In any case, I'm glad my criticism is appreciated and useful to you.
Leakingpen - 2012/1/18
Ancient, the current storyline is completely plotted out from start to end. The actual scripts ARE currently being written strip to strip.

Talkmancer, agreed. My fault completely, I apologize.

Xykeb, thank you for the criticism, it is very useful to me! They forget charlie for a very specific reason, that will come up. basically, that is SUPPOSED to be unsettled. The bar fight is actually a copy of the first strip that Giacommo and Binwin were in, they were a cameo from a sub project of Scott kurt's. In the last story arc, people complained about a lack of funny, and that I wasn't breaking the fourth wall enough. I guess I may be overdoing it here, I DO need to find a balance. Thank you.
Ancient One - 2012/1/18
This is more a question than anything else. "How far ahead is the new team writing the strip?" I do hope it is not just being written strip to strip. I'd recommend that there be notes to outline much further in advance so that each update is smooth with strong continuity. It should also help keep the team on a strong update schedule.
Talkamancer - 2012/1/18
Small tip, tell us your doing better with the updates after you've got 3 or 4 in a reasonable time. Don't tell us it's gonna be better and fail. I'd be happier if you set the update schedule to 1 a month and hit or even over acheived.
Xykeb Zraliv - 2012/1/17
I'd like to give some constructive criticism here. I feel like part of the problem for me at this point is the somewhat awkward mood transitions. In this comic, for example, we get a bit of intrigue about Charlie...then they instantly forget about it and launch into a montage. #239 features Laris generally irritated, then the following strip shows him getting hit with a mug for...well, seemingly no reason at all other than to initiate a bar fight.

I also feel like this arc is a little too self-aware for its own good. I thought it was pretty cool when the authors showed up in the inn, but then several others turned up, then they referenced being in a comic, then they compounded on that by mentioning the Giant, and now they're making note of their own montages. It's not like they're executed that poorly or anything, it's just that they're so close together causing Leakingpen to come off as needlessly attempting to be "clever".

I don't mean that you're doing a bad job, necessarily, but I think you're trying too hard and it really shows and sometimes detracts from the enjoyment of the comic.
Rudyards - 2012/1/17
Yay! It's back!
Cornelius Grim - 2012/1/17
I've been somewhat dissapointed with the quality of Anti-Heroes lately. It just doesn't have the same kind of humor,and I don't even really get the whole "Charlie's Angels" reference...
Mad Lemmey - 2012/1/17
Woot! 1st post!
Nice montage lads!
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