Spinning A Story

posted by Chris on 2011/11/14 (Comics)

Good evening friends. It's Dyluthus here again sharing with you tale number 243 of the anti-HEROES saga, Spinning a Story! So have a look, enjoy and feel free to discuss amongst yourselves just who some of the NPC's are that we're seeing in this inn and just how they might fit in with the rest of the story... if at allHappy

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angelina - 2012/12/29
Laris, I am liking you better and better Happy
That was actually good moral sense.
Dyluthus - 2011/11/24
I'd just like to wish all of our American readers out there a Very Happy Thanksgiving! May your holiday Thursday be a joyful oneHappy
Moogleking - 2011/11/20
Lol, a leaking pen.

I get it.
Gnomeking - 2011/11/18
Well-played. I can say that I, for one, have been enjoying the last few comics.
Johnny Snow - 2011/11/17
TECHNICALLY not Roy... red hilt.
Reader - 2011/11/16
Very happy I'm from the future. I can't help it.
Reader - 2011/11/15
Does this mean we'll be seeing a stick version of Mary and Joseph pretty quick?


You... (goes to rewrite script for next issue)
Red XIV - 2011/11/15
Red, his comment is removed. Only torchbearers should get to feed the trolls around here! But thank you for the defense!

Then don't read it, instead of coming back for each strip to complain.
Paeris Kiran - 2011/11/15
Glamor of beeing a hero...
Me - 2011/11/14
My comment is Unfunny and disjointed as usual. That didn't take long.
Xykeb Zraliv - 2011/11/14
I quite like these little cameos being inserted in this arc. So I'm curious, which of you develops these sorts of details and backgrounds? Does Dyluth just make them as he develops the comic, or does Leakingpen write stage direction-type scripts which include these kinds of things? Or do you two discuss it in a collaborative sense?
Mad Lemmey - 2011/11/14
Another great strip! Nice to see some of comment the regulars in the last panel!
Dyluthus - 2011/11/14
@Pen it was my pleasure, thank you for writing another stellar comicHappy @DukeGod We were just shooting the breeze and enjoying a round with our good friends Crazed the Ewok and Zara the magical goat. Even though Zara was away at work we were able to chat with him via Crazed's crystal ballWink
DukeGod - 2011/11/14
Heh, so what are you guys talking about with that Ewok? And how is he projecting the image of a goat?
Leakingpen - 2011/11/14
Actually, thats Joy Redhilt. She's still under the effects of a cursed belt of gender changing. (She really misses her hair). alternate worlds and all that. Thanks again to Dyluth for a wonderful page!
Kareasint - 2011/11/14
Bards lead a life that has enough interesting material in it to get a few stories to tell. Yeah, that's Roy. he still has Xykon's crown.
Ertai - 2011/11/14
A strip full of easter eggs... I love it Happy
magic9mushroom - 2011/11/14
Now, we just need him to be playing it left hand (and making it too far).
Silvan - 2011/11/14
Except he has a red sword. Roy Redhilt?
wandiya - 2011/11/14
That's not Roy in the background of the last panel is it? Why yes I do think it is.
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