Lady Spills the News

posted by Chris on 2011/10/25 (Comics)

Hello all, it's your humble artist Dyluthus here sharing with you the latest issue of anti-HEROES, Lady Spills the News.

If your curious to see what else it going on around this mysterious town as our heroes leave the confines of the Meandering Mead Tavern, then sit back and enjoy this latest installmentHappy

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Retta - 2016/4/16
I'm greufatl you made the post. It's cleared the air for me.
Seven - 2016/4/14
Your article was exlelcent and erudite.
referee - 2011/10/28
What? She jumped out of her robes and we miss it? Eeeeeevil! Tongue
Thaxan - 2011/10/27
"Tha trees be attackin', Run fer yer lives!"
Ah, Dwarves: Nature's Palate swapped species.
Iluzon - 2011/10/26
Wow, they must be pissed in the inn, not able to work and all.. I wonder where are they're workshops? Underground???
Mad Lemmey - 2011/10/26
Ohh, so many in jokes!
Ohh, so many inn jokes too!
Brilliant work again guys Happy
awibs - 2011/10/26
I need a "like" button.
Darren - 2011/10/26
In Sovjet Russia, inns fight YOU!!1!!!1!
anon - 2011/10/25
comunism, interesting, it would better with pie but then most things are.
anonymouse - 2011/10/25
Oh my. Soviet stuff, eh? Well, that takes me by surprise...
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