Bardic Convention‏

posted by Chris on 2011/10/12 (Comics)

Hello friends, it's your humble illustrator Dyluthus here sharing with you issue #239 of the adventures of our favourite anti-HEROESHappy

In this issue at least one question from issue #238 is answered, and many more mysteries and questions are sure to arise from the events depicted below.

So sit back and enjoy the conversation at the Meandering Mead Tavern...Happy

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angelina - 2012/12/29
Ha! Just realized the bard is singing the adventures of the anti-heroes!
Well-done, good sirs
An Anonymous Patron - 2011/10/15
Dear Leakingpen & Crew,

Bardic sense? The theatrical 6th sense Elan seems to display in OOTS? (And Tarqin, come to think of it). The Fourth Wall is a reference to performing theater (acting, plays, and whatnot). Breaking the fourth wall in this case means communicating directly with the audience/reader. Steinbeck did a blatant form of this in "The Grapes of Wrath."

On the topic of my prediction, perhaps this is why the ending of LOST caught me so off-guard; I am horrible at making predictions :n).
Well, now I am just downright curious as to where this whole sequence leads.

Yours Truly,
An Anonymous Patron.

P.S. @Prowl: FailBard is definitely aggravating to the point of deserving comical violence, but if he is not a villain then I think neither death nor permanent injury are appropriate. Perhaps a barroom brawl, in which the possibilities for comic fights are nigh-limitless?
Prowl - 2011/10/15
I'm glad the new bard is temporary... if we could see him killed off in some horribly gruesome manner (and soon) that would be great
Dyluthus - 2011/10/13
GONE but never forgotten!Wink Thanks again to Mr. Kurtz for letting us borrow his bardic creation for these issuesHappy
Leakingpen - 2011/10/13
Patron, bardic senses breaking the fourth wall? Not sure what you mean.

As far as Giacomo telling the story of Aldran and Eldhin duking it out earlier, yes, yes he is. Also, NO, he is NOT a villian and will NOT be recurring. He's a creation of Scott Kurtz, of PVP Online, and is making a cameo for a few strips. Here for a couple gags, then GONE.
Tatsu - 2011/10/13
Hilarious Happy
Thor - 2011/10/13
Spoiled Lisa - 2011/10/13
So I take it the Bard means Keriss%u2019s guild is in town and the airship is hanging about somewhere and will be willingly or unwillingly be picking up some cargo in the form of a Vampire Hunter and some %u201CHeroes%u201D hanging about Taverns listening to Bards sing spoilers? Sounds like fun. ^_^ The journey is its own reward though, so I%u2019m looking forward to that.
Me - 2011/10/12
An Anonymous Patron - 2011/10/12
Dear Leakingpen & Other Guy,

Ahhh, Bardic Senses; such a wonderful way of breaking the fourth wall. :n)

@moleytov: I believe your hypothesis to be spot on; panel one tipped me off, with the tower shaking and the angel of death baking. Sound like a familiar fight scene, anyone?

Anyway, speaking of FailBard, I believe him to be more than he appears; look at his expression in panel two. It could just be dramatic emphasis, but isn't this the first time he hasn't had an expression of joviality about his person? and during a malicious act, nonetheless. Hmmmm... ((Strokes Evil Villain Goatee...))
Aines - 2011/10/12
The supplies are ment to get in, not out actually.

(BTW there is always that Satiate spell. Those who can restore their mana points fast enough will survive. Sounds fair to me.)
moleytov - 2011/10/12
I'm not just imagining it am I or is fail-bard telling the story of our anti-heroes?
FrankNorman - 2011/10/12
If no one can leave, how do they get supplies in from anywhere? Do they grow all their own food?
MTONInja - 2011/10/12
But he is so happy Very happy
i can't think of a name - 2011/10/12
great comic, love the bards expression in panel 2
Paeris Kiran - 2011/10/12
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