Here We Go Again

posted by A on 2011/10/3 (Comics)

Aaaaaand We're Back!

Its about time we checked in on our favorite vampire hunter, isn't it? As well as the "heroes" of the story, since Aldran thinks they are important! Also, new month , please remember to vote!

Giacomo is from Ding! by Scott Kurtz of, and Mr. Kurtz was kind enough to let us use him and his dwarven compatriot Binwin Bronzebottom (seen next strip). I would tell you to go read his comic, but, you probably already do!

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Leakingpen - 2011/10/12
Uploaded a fix of the typo, thanks for the catch Barti. New issue coming tonight or tomorrow!
Dyluthus - 2011/10/10
Hello everyone! It's Dyluthus here and I just wanted to wish all of our Canadian readers a very Happy Thanksgiving, and to let you all know that the next issue is coming down the pipeline very soonHappy
An Anonymous Patron - 2011/10/7
Dear Leakingpen & That One Guy,

Heh. I can't wait to see what surprises you have in store for the 'Heroes.' With Our Un-Undead Friend in close proximity to them for extended periods of time, I know it can be nothing but fun ):n)

One critique though: Using the same pose with the same expression and the same mouth for speech repetitively gets somewhat monotonous for the eyes. Granted, I believe that monotony is the mood that you are trying to convey; I know that if *I* was stuck with the Heroes for that long I'd soon be brought to tears.
Anyway, thanks so much for keeping this comic going. We all appreciate it, even if we sound whiny.

An Anonymous Patron.
An Anonymous Patron - 2011/10/7
Leakingpen - 2011/10/7
Ahh, well, hes passing a drink to andil. So you see both HIS hand and andil's hand. does that help?
Forealms - 2011/10/6
TGWAQ (which I am pronouncing "tog-wok"), he's ordering two more drinks.
Draconi - 2011/10/6
have they tried i unno, WALKING!?
Moogle - 2011/10/5
The fifth panel has Laras with his hand all weirdly folded on itself. My mind hurts. The sixth panel is the one with the bartender.
Leakingpen - 2011/10/5
question man, nothing, thats the bartender's hand.
The guy who asks questions - 2011/10/5
What is Laris doing with his hand in the fifth panel?
Almanro - 2011/10/5
Nice Comic! Keep them coming! Wink
Bartimaeus - 2011/10/5
Well...if it's just because it's cut off, (and I'm not really complaining...this is just a recommendation that you don't have to listen to at all), I think it would look either better with a hyphen, or if you really like ellipses, (and this actually still applies with hyphens), try interrupting the word half-way inbetween...just one letter at the end looks sort of weird. Happy

Or have the person who's interrupting them's textbox go over half of the last word when they get interrupted - that'd also work.
dragongirl13 - 2011/10/4
Very funny comic. A promising start to a new arc, I'd say. Happy
GnomeKing - 2011/10/4
Probably one of the better comics we've seen yet. Pretty funny. Besides, the drinking at odd hours is a thought that I can sympathize with (oh old roommates, how I miss you and your problem solving skills so).
Vlad - 2011/10/4
More bothersome than the ellipses is the "lets us" Gollum grammar.

But glad to see the comic back to the story. Looking forward to it.
ShenCS - 2011/10/4
As Xykeb said, ellipses are more suited for sentences trailing off or moving on to a different train of thought. The ellipsis is more like a pause, representing an absence of something. There is no absence there however because he is being interrupted and the end of his sentence is being replaced. It's a matter of tidiness.
Kareasint - 2011/10/4
All the world is a stage.

Unfortunately, there is already an idiot on it.
Red XIV - 2011/10/3
How did Laris end up with that group of losers?
Xykeb Zraliv - 2011/10/3
I don't think the issue is so much whether or not it is acceptable, but rather that a hyphen "feels" more right. And I will agree with that as it is something that I have noticed as well; ellipses tend to imply that the sentences are trailing off rather than being abruptly interrupted (even if that is not the intent).

That being said, I did quite like this update.
Leakingpen - 2011/10/3
Shen, the ellipsis is perfectly acceptable for cut off sentences. Its used for any type of cut off speech, traditionally. Bart, around is cut off, and you are correct, I will have disappear fixed! Thanks, my bad there.
Bartimaeus - 2011/10/3
Around and disappearing are spelled incorrectly. Happy
ShenCS - 2011/10/3
Something's strange about their "eyebrows", the conjoined speech bubbles are still too big, "but let's go aroun..." should really be "let's go aroun-" and the third to last panel was bloody perfect.
Keep the good work trucking on guys.
Klytus - 2011/10/3
I love the name "Meandering Mead Tavern" Happy
Mad Lemmey - 2011/10/3
Nice one guys! Another great comic!
Den - 2011/10/3
And the comix is back on Wink
AH remain among the three webcomics I keep following, even stopped OotS.
Adanedhel - 2011/10/3
fantastic Happy

antiheroes is back Happy

(however setting the bard and the rogue up for a relationship has been done before hasn't it? (a)) nevermind that last, our vampire hunter deserves her ^^
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