Krylorn Spray Paint‏

posted by Chris on 2011/9/27 (Comics)

Good evening friends! It's Dyluth here, I haven't posted a comic in a bit so I'm happy that tonight I have the privilege of sharing the newest issue of anti-HEROES, where we share with you everything you ever wanted to know about Krylorn Spray Paint‏!Happy

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The girl who comments - 2011/9/29
This is good, but it'd be nice to have an arc soon...
No rush!
Me - 2011/9/28
Leakingpen - 2011/9/28
the guy who asks questions... he was huffing the paint. yeah... Aldran has problems... heh.
recentlyafish - 2011/9/28
I can't believe you sold your soul to Krylorn.Confused

Do you have any idea what they test their products on?Worried
You may as well be machine-gunning baby seals.Angry

the guy who asks questions - 2011/9/28
How come Aldran's speech bubble is black? Confused
An Anonymous Patron - 2011/9/28
Dear Leakingpen & Crew,

Consider our appetites whetted on the finest of Fine Quality Dwarven Whetstones. Really appreciate the irony of "No Shades of Grey," considering how there is such ambiguity as to the effects of the paint :n)

I am perfectly fine with no story strips. You guys are better than a lot of my other webcomics: THEY don't let us know they're still alive. No fillers, they just... leave... you... hanging. But you, Leakingpen (Oh, and that Other Guy) keep us up-to-date. We know there is still activity, and no matter what we say, the fact that we are saying it proves that we appreciate it.

Well, I appreciate it at any rate. Now if I could only guess what that letter is supposed to be first try... Blasted Humanity Verifier...
Maelstra - 2011/9/28
Haha, nice! Yeah, I'm enjoying seeing this comic continue, in any form. Filler or whatever, I look forward to it. Happy
Exuberant Panda - 2011/9/28
The filler comics in between arcs is a nice change from weeks on end without anything. Keep up the good work Dypen.
Leakingpen - 2011/9/28
Mea culpa on the lack of story strips. I have a script just sent to Dyluth for looking at, so hopefully it meets approval and we should have new story by the weekend! These gag strips were just quick (well, supposed to be, heh) little jokes to keep your appetite whet.
Mad Lemmey - 2011/9/28
Sorry, bad typing there, Love and where on my line two Sad Yuck!
Mad Lemmey - 2011/9/28
In that 'I've just had to clean the drink from my keyboard' type of way!
Lov ethe way you poke fun at the meme, now hwere did I put my lead sheet to 'protect' from 'Detect Evil'! Wink
Keep it up guys! Happy
GnomeKing - 2011/9/28
Heh-heh. I found it to be mildly amusing. I'm looking forward to the start of the new arc, though. The new Anti-Heroes team are doing a great job and I'm enjoying their work. I'm looking forward to the next issue (regardless of whether or not it is a filler).
amara - 2011/9/28
I see riots in the webcomiworld if the arc doesn't come back!!
Ancient One - 2011/9/28
Calm down, folks. Just be thankful that the strip didn't die when Jordan quit/retired. A filler strip (or two) between arcs isn't going to kill anyone.
Reality Warper - 2011/9/28
heh I got a chuckle out of this one. still I think I'd prefer going back to the story now.
Koniiiik - 2011/9/28
I don't know, I kinda prefer actual story strips to these... The last two strips and the second page of #235 are turning me down somehow. I always thought this webcomic was a story-based one and I don't find those other jokes too funny... \-:

(Also, the CAPTCHA is somewhat overkill %u2013 I had to reload it about six times to get an image I could actually read.)
Red XIV - 2011/9/27
“I lol'd at Eldhin's "HEY" after the "white may also show as evil" footnote.”

That made this strip.
Gruntled Fanbase - 2011/9/27
I rather like it actually.
dragongirl13 - 2011/9/27
I lol'd at Eldhin's "HEY" after the "white may also show as evil" footnote.
Disgruntled Fanbase - 2011/9/27
This has RUINED Anti Heroes! RUINED IT FOREVER! Angry
Lither - 2011/9/27
That's pretty funny.
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