Mask of Quentas: You know, for kids!

posted by A on 2011/9/16 (Comics)

Here ya go everyone. A little gag to whet the appetite while we work on the next storyline! Please, join the facebook page, and post pics of yourselves/lovedones/kids/pets wearing quentas masks!

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Darren - 2011/9/23
Wear this mask if you wanna be IRON.

Like a PSION.

An Anonymous Patron - 2011/9/21
Dear Leakingpen & That Other Guy,

Hah, this comic totally makes up for the lack of a storyline. I would stay longer to congratulate you on your contribution to Nerd Gatherings everywhere, but I have a Mask to make. Toodles!
Xykeb Zraliv - 2011/9/20
Actually, that's something I've been noticing recently; apostrophes tend to be missing every now and then.
the guy who asks questions - 2011/9/19
why did quenta's psioninc magic color change?
Signeow - 2011/9/18
Excellent comic. I like the cut-outs at the bottom, so that we can make our own accurately. I agree that someone should make this and send a picture to you guys.

Also, I noticed two typos. In the third pane, Quentas says "slide in he horns" instead of "the horns." In the eighth pane, Zurie leaves out the apostrophe in "won't."

Beyond that, excellent filler.
Red XIV - 2011/9/17
That was...odd.
Crazed - 2011/9/17
If anyone makes the mask and takes pictures of him/herself and sends it along, perhaps s/he could find it on the extras page...
Ancient One - 2011/9/17
Great filler strip! Looking forward to the next arc! Very happy
Mad Lemmey - 2011/9/17
That is brilliant, nice one guys!
Thor - 2011/9/16
KillItWithFire - 2011/9/16
It's normal to feel light-headed while wearing the mask right?
Disgruntled Fanbase - 2011/9/16
grr I DEMAND STORY GUY WITH LIFE WHY NO STORIEZ!?? This mask is stupid too, I drew the runes perfectly and it *is mind controlled*
And thats why you are the bestest people ever. Good night everbody!
Corwin - 2011/9/16
Heh, first post.

Thank you for the comic.
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