You Didn't Think it Was Natural, Did You?

posted by Chris on 2011/7/31 (Comics)

Good evening friends and well wishers! To close out the month of July Leaking Pen and I have composed this newest issue of anti-HEROES, where we come back to the much anticipated sword match between Zuri and Lana only to find the stakes have suddenly become much MUCH higher than they already were!


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Mad Lemmey - 2011/8/7
Another superb comic, great interplay, keep it up lads!
Max - 2011/8/4
This comic shows a lot of improvement! Keep it up!
Moogle - 2011/8/4
Zurie's hairrrrrrrrrrrr

Dyluth - 2011/8/2
Thanks as always for the kind word friends, they're always much appreciated. As for the questions and comments regarding Ms. Zurie's hair, trust me when I say that all that appears in frame appears for a reasonWink
Almanro - 2011/8/1
Nice one! Happy

The stick figures now are better than before, however I always find Alderan too big respect to the others.

Very good comic, keep them coming! Wink
KillItWithFire - 2011/8/1
@GnomeKing The title refers to Lana's hair which this strip conclusivly proves is made up by some product. I'm not much of a fan of Zurie's new hair either, looks like she forgot to comb it when she got out of bed or something.
GnomeKing - 2011/8/1
Nice. I didn't quite get the title, but the comic, both on the art and the writing fronts, was fantastic; especially the recall of the "catfight" sense.
MTONinja - 2011/8/1
So that explains the tingling. Thanks Kaal.
ShenCS - 2011/8/1
I will have to say that I'm not a fan of Zurie's hair change (which I guess is what you lampshaded) but the writing was totally awesome.
Prowl - 2011/7/31
Is the change in Zurie's hair from #221 to the last two strips intentional?
Wizardy - 2011/7/31
Now these are some fine jokes! I think you guys finally managed to find the right way to write these. Good job!
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