Fools & Deception

posted by Chris on 2011/7/29 (Comics)

Good afternoon friends and well-wishers! What better way to end the work week is there than a brand new anti-HEROES comic I ask?Happy

We're looking to have the next issue out quite soon as well so be sure to stay tuned for it as well. Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy!Happy

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Fan - 2011/8/6

knew you would work that in A

Leakingpen - 2011/7/30
To answer a few questions, And I'll look at changing a few things maybe... The purple marks around quentas match the purple marks when Aldran cast psychic turmoil. The spell activates at the start of every round. The sudden appearance of the marks is to show that he just got drained again by the same spell. Its purple because its psionic. I see now how thats not clear though. It might need to be made black. I'll talk to the rest of the team.

RiderOfPhoenix - 2011/7/30
@ Khadon: Hello. My name is Zurie. You defeated my underling. Prepare to die.

Blakjak - 2011/7/30
As a returning fan I am glad to see such a potentially great comic resume its course and hope for further plot twists with this intrepid band of malcontents.

Khadon - 2011/7/30
Don't know if anyone else got the joke in the last panel but I started laughing my ass off when I read it. Nice little joke playing off the movie "The Princess Bride".


Crazed - 2011/7/30
In response to all the questions about the cast page, it will be updated, but not this very moment. Happy Great comic!

recentlyafish - 2011/7/30
Angry Annoyed Confused Happy Confusedad: Sigh Tongue Very happy Wink Worried

Fleazilla - 2011/7/30
The spell casting isnt too clear. I had to look at the panel for a while to see what was going on.

  • If Quentas (YCF for short) was in the previous panel with no spell effect and then in the panel with the spell effect and having not moved I think everybody would have got it (that a spell just happened)

  • As it is though, expecially with the very next panel having yellow circle face seeming to cast another spell or is he catching/eliminating the attacking spell? (I think he is removing the spell from the ghost but again there is no visual sequence to tell that story detail.)

I'm thinking that yellow circle face is lying though. I think Aldran's magic is black effect so this might be something that YCF is doing to himself.
Very happy Yellow Circle Face Very happy

Paeris Kiran - 2011/7/30

"Moogle - 2011/7/29

So Quentas is essentially impossible to kill?"

Everything can be destroyed... some people are however capable of creating defences that require extreme imagination to pierce...

I have once worked out offesive spell capable of taking out almost anything... I called it a "sunrift" in essence it was an "incoming" portal spell which tapped the centre of a star and for briefest period of time allowed solar plasma to enter a battlefield at desired location... In essence it is a fusion bomb...

Supercompressed and in heat of million degrees... it immediately expands and takes out anything in dozen mile radius. Excellent to blast away whole armies.

Klytus - 2011/7/30
@FrankMorman: If you look at Quentas in that panel, he is has purple "hash marks" around him. That would appear to be the visual effect of the spell Alderan cast... or Quentas did something else entirely different, and lied about what it was.

Mad Lemmey - 2011/7/30
Another great comic, well done guys! Happy

magic9mushroom - 2011/7/30
Are we going to get a Cast page update?

Kareasint - 2011/7/30
@FrankNorman: Aldran took a shot at Quentas with a spell. Zurie is not going to like being told to back off.

FrankNorman - 2011/7/30
When Rallat said "what the hell was that?" what was he referring to? Kaal's condition, or something on Quentas?

Prowl - 2011/7/29
What's up with Zurie's hair in the last panel? Does Bonetti's Defense negate the bonus to hairspray?

Seros Senric - 2011/7/29
I think the cast page should be updated to show Quentas now.

Moogle - 2011/7/29
So Quentas is essentially impossible to kill?

Super dark33 - 2011/7/29
Back to the swordfighting there.
bout time.

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