Signs Point To Sighin' Psion

posted by A on 2011/7/19 (Comics)

Less than a week to the next update! We are on our way folks. Thanks for sticking with us!

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Dyluth - 2011/7/28
The new comic is in the pipeline friends, expect it up soon!Happy
Prowl - 2011/7/27
"Less than a week to the next update!"

Is that starting from today, or... ?
awibs - 2011/7/25
Just letting you know I'm still reading. And still giggling out loud at the snark :>
dan - 2011/7/24
I was referring to the shot between the legs. That movie is what I think of when I see it, but a bunch of movies have had a similar scene. Did one of the variants have the axe coming down by Aldran's head, while he turned to the left to dodge? And in that variant, was his robe not torn in the last panel?
An Anonymous Patron - 2011/7/23
Dear Leakingpen & Crew,

In response to a request to drudge up potential Elder Scrolls references, I have determined that there exists a trend within the webcomic, set in motion by Zara Himself, that most probably fits the bill. It is thus:

Any strip featuring Lana. As a Vampire, she borrows heavily from the ES universe. From Morrowind, at any rate.

After much thought into the matter, I came to the realization that merely copying previous references would become rather dull and repetitive after some time; to this end, i propose the following counter-proposal:

Did not the Creator, Zara Himself, admit to planning to provide future guidance and counseling for the Comic? Amongst his advice could be some of the more memorable easter eggs of the Elder Scrolls Saga.

I now make an aside, putting forth a personal request recommending Tarhiel (Think Scrolls of Icarian Flight).

Alternatively, the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP) is chock-full of fun insights into the series, and, while they actually have a section labeled "Easter Eggs", I really do recommend experiencing the splendor that is Morrowind (And, yes, even Oblivion, although to a lessor extent) firsthand.

Also, the Ghost-Free Papers from Sadrith Mora/Wolverine Hall :n)

-An Anonymous Patron
Leakingpen - 2011/7/22
Prowl, thanks for the suggestion, Chris (the webmonkey, not artist) is looking at a few solutions. Killit, I cant speak for Dyluth, but based on the group chats we've had when starting up, thats exactly how its done, the comics are made much larger size, and shrunk, and Dyluth was working with filters from Zarah. Dan, I've not seen the movie, and I fail to see any way the book is refferenced, so... Which refference would that be? Heh. Also, panel seven was changed several times before seeing the light of day, but has NOT changed since being posted. Its just you. Tongue Thanks for the constructive criticism guys, but we do also want to make sure its CONSTRUCTIVE. We've had some trolling issues, and going forward, Trolls WILL be editing without mercy. Fair warning.
JingleBelle - 2011/7/22
I think this is the best DyPen comic yet. Rallut looks so much better and the dialogue was excellent. I had exactly the same reaction as Aldran in the last panel. I can't wait for the next one!
dan - 2011/7/22
Is it just me, or did panel 7 change? I liked the The Serpent and The Rainbow reference.
KillItWithFire - 2011/7/21
That and I think picking deeper/truer colors for the recurring characters would go a long way as well. As far as the writing goes however, the first shifted comic felt clunky but other than that I think they've held true. each new comic is getting better I think and I think I'll stick around as long as he dypen team does.
KillItWithFire - 2011/7/21
You know what I feel like, I feel like the resoulution is smaller than before we switched artists. If that makes any sense. The images are blurrier as a whole and I think that's the one stark difference between the two. Perhaps you could try making the images in whatever graphics program you're using larger? Or find some other way of increaseing the resolution?
Prowl - 2011/7/21
I have a little trick I have found works excellently against spambots for this purpose... change the field names for the comments boxes to something unparsable (e.g. "54sdfsfj") and put in HIDDEN fields with the old form field names. If anyone fills out the hidden fields, you know it's a spambot. Put in fields named "username" and "email" and there's not a spambot that I know of that won't try to fill them out. Then you got them - extremely few of the people who run those bots have the skill to modify them to get past such a scheme, and of those who do, how many will really want to do the work just for your site?
Leakingpen - 2011/7/21
Prowl, yes, I agree on the captcha completely. It's being looked into. Unfortunately, spambots are getting better by the day. As for speech bubbles, I think the ties could be thinned, but I kinda like the vertical layer, unless the art needs some revealing in places. I'll have to see what Dyluth thinks. Thanks for the feedback everyone!
PJ Scrugs - 2011/7/21
Great job on the quick update! There's so much constructive criticism going around that soon the comic will be perfect.
Prowl - 2011/7/20
Sorry, they're offset RIGHT (and often below) not LEFT
Prowl - 2011/7/20
I noticed about the speech bubbles... when the same character says two or more things in a panel, there's a bubble connecting piece thingamajig... they seem too thick and a bit too even. Check out the way OotS does it, the bubbles get offset a bit and the connections between bubbles are centered and tailored to the specific positioning and proximity. Also notice that with sequential connected bubbles, they are very rarely directly on top of each other, most often the following bubble(s) is offset to the left.

Also the CAPTCHA on this form makes baby Jesus cry blood.
DJ - 2011/7/20
It is good to see more regular updates. The jokes still need some work though.
gnomeking - 2011/7/20
Damn. I'm completely confused now. Oh well. The undersized doors are also pretty hilarious.
Siosilvar - 2011/7/20
Kalisun: I'd love to see you break up a single independent clause with a phrase in into two sentences.

Maybe "How you expected to find them is beyond even my staggering intellect. You didn't even know what you were looking for.", but that sounds too dumbed-down for said "staggering intellect."

tl;dr: Sentence is fine, provides more characterization.
Jon - 2011/7/20
Not bad. some of the Detailing lines, such as; Kerris' "Crotch" (Panel 2) Rallut's hairline (Panel 3), parts of Quentas' vest (panel's four and onward), The top left edge of Aldran's cloak (Final Panel), Various books... I recomend an edge smoother Wink Other than that not bad.
Hawkseye8 - 2011/7/20
What the . . . Indeed I can't stop checking for updates I am glad I didn't give up on this comic when it seemed all but dead
JackTheTripper - 2011/7/20
I agree with ShenCS about the lines connecting the thought bubbles... Otherwise pretty good stuff. Still don't get what the deal is with them being released and everything.
Tatsu - 2011/7/20
I like it, glad to see an update.
Guardiaan_Angel - 2011/7/20
Makes me wonder if Aldran knew all along that Arderas had something like this in store for him. Because he sure didnt put up much of a fight against that nooby psion.
Mad Lemmey - 2011/7/20
Another great comic, wasn't expecting so quick an update, or so many tropes broken in one comic, especially Rallut! - well done, great strip. BTW nice Bond reference with the cutter between the legs (ala Gold Finger)
ShenCS - 2011/7/20
The connecting lines between speech bubbles are too thick. It makes it look very untidy. Otherwise, good work.
Seros Senric - 2011/7/19
What they didn't realize, is that he knew that he didn't need to know what he was looking for. That is what the plot device is for!
Proof: He was just given what he was looking for.
Kalisun - 2011/7/19
I think the last quentas phrase (how you expected...) is alittle complex for 1 sentence, maybe consider breaking it to 2 sentences or something...
but regardless - you guys are awesome x2 Happy
Temmer - 2011/7/19
Why must this update only once a week? As soon as it updates I can't wait for the next. The only complaint I have is Aldran's wings still look kinda fake and stiff, other than that this is awesome.
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