I think I can't

posted by A on 2011/7/3 (Comics)

Alexander here, better known as Leaking Pen. This is the first of the comics to be made by the new DYPEN team. I wrote the script for this comic, and Dyluth, who has been doing the art for the last several strips, worked his magic. I hope you all enjoy my take on the characters and story, I am trying to stay as true to the comic as I can, but of course, wording and action choices will be different. Please, be brutally honest in comments guys! It is a pleasure and an honor to be assisting in keeping this most awesome comic going!

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Aileen - 2016/4/14
That's a smart way of lonkiog at the world.
Signeow - 2011/7/13
Your comment made me lol. That's actually a very positive outlook.

I think the new comics are great. Different than Z's but still good.

As to Quentas, I've always felt that psionics were a bit too powerful (my opinion, don't attack me for it), but psionics that can ignore some of the rules? Scary. And cool.
Guardiaan_Angel - 2011/7/13
@Xykeb Zraliv

It is actually cool to see trolls around here. Still makes you think that this comic is alive. Trolls are a meaningful part of life. They keep you on your toes all the time Very happy
Xykeb Zraliv - 2011/7/11
@HUMVEE Driver

Uh, as I understand things, the last two comics WERE written by Zarah (but with art by Dyluth), with this being the first Leaking Pen one. Now, in all fairness, I will admit that the quality of the writing is not quite up to par with Zarah's, but I'm willing to give him a chance to improve; after all, this is apparently his first AH comic.

That said, if you're not following the comic anymore, I guess you won't see this comment, but whatever.
DJ - 2011/7/10
The new writer/Artist do seem a bit rough around the edges, and others have pointed out why. I'm willing to give them a chance to find their footing, however, before I make any final judgments.
HUMVEE Driver - 2011/7/9
I hate to say it, but I won't be following this comic anymore. The first two fell flat, which I could have overlooked, but the third one in a row did it for me. The new writer(s) simply aren't as good as Z. They just aren't funny, they seem to ram the puns down the reader's throat, and I am so disappointed. I'm still hoping for the 'spill the beans' option, but that's about it. So long, Anti-Heroes.
The Guy Who Asks Questions - 2011/7/8
This time I am not asking a question, I am going to make a critisism. One odd thing I noticed was that the books changed color when Qentas smashed down the bookshelves. And then other books appeared in the empty spots. The books appearing is fine, but it would be nice if they existed somewhere else on the shelves visible in the panel.
And the last thing I can say, is that all the books are a little distracting from the plot, or at least to me.
But good job. Very happy
Viashivon - 2011/7/8
For some reason I remember Jordon making a comment way back stating that although the comic is influenced by OotS and D&D the rules will not always apply as a form of House Rules will be in effect. That said, great job so far DyPen!
Iamnotreallyhere - 2011/7/7
@dragongirl13- I don't think it's energy adaptation. The light in the comic is directional, and the description of Energy Adaptation says it illuminates a 60ft radius.
Leakingpen - 2011/7/7
Psionics also can't affect the incorporeal undead. Ask Kaal how well telling Quentas that his powers can't do something works.
dragongirl13 - 2011/7/7
@Iamnotreallyhere: the light looks like it's supposed to be the psionic power Energy Adaptation.

However, that raises a new problem: Energy Adaptation only adapts energy damage, i.e. damage from fire, electricity, acid, ice or sonic. It can't be used against force damage like Magic Missile.
Super dark33 - 2011/7/6
the cast page still needs updating...
Iamnotreallyhere - 2011/7/6
If this keeps up Antiheroes will be updating more often than OotS.

In any case great did Aldran poke some holds in Quentas's mask and is that light coming out of said holes or am I misinterpreting that last panel?
Dyluth - 2011/7/5
@magic9mushroom Indeed he has not. This showdown has been a long time coming now hasn't it?Happy
magic9mushroom - 2011/7/5
Aldran's never come up against someone who he takes seriously before.
anonymouse - 2011/7/4
I'll agree with Moogle that Aldran is way too much of a sissy in this one - being shoved around, *and* the exclamations? (also, we KNOW the comic has a new writer - and artist - and those who didn't know that wouldn't see the point of referencing it in the comic anyway)
AAAAAAHHHHH!! - 2011/7/4
The problem is less the fact that he's saying "ARGG!!" and "AAAAAAHHHHH!!" at all, and more that the way they are written would indicate he is saying "Arr-gh-gh-gh" and apparently hold the "H" sound when saying "Ahh" (sounding more like a long sigh than a scream) with multiple exclamation points for some reason.
Moogle - 2011/7/4
Uh, criticism...

First of all, capitals. The title here is "I think I can't", whereas it's always been along the lines of "I Think I Can't" on previous comics.

Aldran would never say "ARGGG". In fact, all of his expressions of dismay come across as weird.

A spell casting should have its own bubble, like here: http://antiheroescomic.com/comic/7

amara - 2011/7/4
It's funny - funny funny funny.
Jon - 2011/7/4

I may have said "They look stiff." But I also added that "Practice makes perfect." No doubt he will get better as time goes on.
RiderOfPhoenix - 2011/7/4
Rereading the strip I noticed somthing I forgot: if Quentas is using Energy Adaptation, how can he absorb Magic Missile when it deals force damage? Energy Adaptation absorbs acid, electricity, etc, but not force damage, at least I remember it working this way.
Leakingpen - 2011/7/4
In terms of floating books, in panel three they are flying away from the impact, in panel 10,they are crashing down. I really don't know how else to show it, but then, thats why I'm not the artist. Thanks for the input everyone! I will keep it in mind as I work on the next scripts.
ShenCS - 2011/7/4
anti-HEROES updates while OotS has been frozen for almost a month. My mind has been blown.
RiderOfPhoenix - 2011/7/4
I think being brutally honest is too much honestity for me. I am quite laid back when it comes to criticizing, but I'll try my best.

First, I have to agree with everyone when they say characters are a bit stiff. Not that it's a great problem though, but it can be improved. I don't worry too much about this, art needs patience.

Second, the books Aldran lands on have no movement at all, unlike the berry or Aldran himself. It's like they're simply floating. Also suddenly more books appear out of nowhere in the fifth panel, too many of them to be the ones floating in panel three.

Third I think you rely too much on copying the characters from panel to panel, though I'm not gonna be too picky about that because the main offender is Quentas and he is supposed to be stiff as you said in a previous comment. Besides this is something every artist does at least once in their life, you're not the first and you won't be the last.

And last I think the berry got too much attention. Panel six could be easily avoided and summed up in panel seven, and this way we can understand better that Aldran wanted Quentas to waste time with it.

I hope this all helps you with the comic. I'd like to know if you have any plans on setting an update pattern (e.g. Sundays), so I know when I should check new updates. And after my rant, keep on with the great job, I'm grateful that you continue with the comic.
AAAAAAHHHHH!! - 2011/7/4
Ancient One - 2011/7/4
Hi team. Nice to see the strip continuing.

Yes, the characters seem stiff, but again, readers should review the first few strips drawn by Jordan. Aldran was very stiffly drawn there too. With the sleeves torn off, you don't have much to work with except the bottom of his robe at the moment.

Abotu the 2nd panel, to me, it wasn't about the movement; it was confusion about whether Aldran was casting a spell or being affecting by a spell.

I also advise not revealing too much about the mechanics of the characters via the comment thread. I think Leakingpen may have given away a litle too much with his detailed explanation of Quentas' powers. It's like a poet explaining their poem. Not necessary. I am sure that the art and the storytelling will improve over time. Cheers!
Leakingpen - 2011/7/3
For the stiff comments, well, Quentas IS stiff. Aldran, I'm working on.

Nerd. 1. He IS being pushed, flung backwards back into the library he just left. 2. Yes, but he didn't CAST delayed blast fireball, he flung a berry he had (leftover from the forest where he fed a berry AND a delayed blast fireball to the druid) in order to try and make Quentas waste time and energy dealing with a fireball in the library. It failed. 3. He was just crushed under a bunch of heavy books, text books ect. 4.Quentas is using a power that literally converts incoming spell damage into bursts of light. Again, its a Psion thing. Hope that helps.
Antifinity - 2011/7/3
That fourth wall breaking bit was cute, but I wonder if people will get it reading through the archives later.
Dyluth - 2011/7/3
I just wanted to take a second to wish all of our American readers out there a very Happy Fourth of July!Happy
Egor - 2011/7/3
Temmer - 2011/7/3
The only criticism I have to make is the same as Jon, the characters seem a bit stiff. Aldran's wings in panel two seem to be made of plastic. Other than that, awesome comic.
nerdcomplex - 2011/7/3
Well, to be *brutally* honest...

1: It's confusing what's happening in the second panel. Took me a couple read-throughs to figure out that Aldran's being pulled, not pushed.
2: Delayed blast fireball doesn't create a berry, it creates a bead.
3: I still don't understand the second to last panel. What does whether something is light reading or not have to do with his?
4: The way it's a written, it seems like Quentas's light power is more of a mild annoyance than anything else %u2014 which I assume was not intended. Try using capitals and exclamation points.
Jon - 2011/7/3
Not bad. The characters seem a bit stiff, but practice makes perfect. Digging the stab at the "New Writer" Tongue
Super dark33 - 2011/7/3
Hooray! team Dypan FTW!
nice strip BTW
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