That's Probably Not Helping

posted by Chris on 2011/6/23 (Comics)

Here we are, Issue #224 and the first in panel interaction between a PC and Quentas. Now there was a bit of a delay in getting this one up, but hopefully that's just a part of getting the new process working and not something that we'll see happen again. So enjoy the comic and feel free as always to let us all know what you think.

On one last note the always amazing and hard working Crazed has responded to the questions about updating the About page and has gone and done just that. So go have a look if your interested and have fun learning about the new faces helping out with anti-HEROESHappy.

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Tatiane - 2015/12/23
I like the cover too, but I feel like some of the faces are too sharp, like Bill's and Tara's. And for Sookie, I think the most accurate part of her is the lips
Atubga - 2015/12/21
just went to Brian's site. The article is
Canal - 2015/12/19
I have a published witerr friend who is at the point as she is going to have to stop answering most if not all emails that aren't really personal to her or her writing, she's just getting too many now. That fact is stressing her out because she likes talking to her readers. 408 emails seems such a large number to me, I cant even think about 1000. Thanks for linking to the interview. I'm getting good feedback about it, even if it took me forever to get it up
Leakingpen - 2011/7/2
From what I gather of the story so far, Quentas was always a Psion. As for the spell casting weasels, lets be fair, to the average non spell casting classes, a Psion is really just a weird type of sorcerer, as far as they are concerned. In regards to the glowing hand, recall that Quentas is doing something funky to get around normal Psionic limitations. Thank you all for the feedback, in regards to timeframes of comics, we are getting into the steam of things, and doing our best to make Zarah happy, by making you happy. The next comic is in development, with scripts already ready to go after, so we should be hitting our stride pretty soon. Thank you all for bearing with us.
Locnil - 2011/7/2
Still, while at least there are updates now, you can't deny there's still only a precious few of them. It would be nice if the rate new comics are uploaded could be increased.

Also, was he actually intended to be a psion all along, or was it a last minute decision to give a twist, or is he a cerebremancer? I ask beacuase early on, it was implied that he was an arcane spellcaster, with a line about how if he had his way, the entire army would be replaced wiuth spellcasting ferrets.
Guardiaan_Angel - 2011/7/2
Thank you, Prowl, for your healthy bit of Trolling Very happy
Dyluth - 2011/7/1
I just wanted to wish a Happy Canada Day to our Canadian readers out there, and to let you all know that a new comic will be rolled out in the next couple of days!Happy
Nonsens - 2011/7/1
seeing as Quentas has finally been revealed, this means the Cast page can also be updated for the Ivory Veil
Prowl - 2011/6/30
Carrying on in the finest tradition of Rich Burlew... put together a solid and entertaining comic, get a fan base interested, then slowly reduce update frequency until fan base gets bored and stops checking in completely.

With the new artist there have been four updates in three months - at this rate the whole story will never be told, and no one who has followed it thus far will ever see the conclusion.

Before the changeover an option was given, the "spill the beans" option. If someone can email me the spilled beans that would be swell, as giving people the expectation of a story then Chinese water torturing the episodes out is a pretty cruel thing to do.
Crazed - 2011/6/30

Only one detail to the perfection: If your encoding does not support "capital C with wedge" in the word %u010Ce%u0161tina in the link, you can use HTML entity number 268. I suppose any browser should display it.”

Ah, thanks for pointing that out. I didn't realize that the circumflex on the C wasn't displayed. Fixed now. Happy Thanks!
Gnomeking - 2011/6/29
No worries Dyluth: the fans no that you two are doing this as a hobby. That being said, I think that I can say that all of us do appreciate the updates; it helps us stay in the loop and keeps us from thinking that the comic died. Anyways, keep up the great work and I look forward to the new comic (whenever it does come out).
Dyluth - 2011/6/28
Hello friends! I just wanted to say a couple of things. First off the cast page will be updated soon I can promise due to popular demand, second we're working on getting the next issue out as soon as we can.

This being the summer time we might have the odd delay between issues, but I'm sure it won't be a permanent occurrence. Stay tuned until then!Happy
Landsknecht - 2011/6/27
Ow, ow, encoding again Sad
In word "Cestina" of course.
Landsknecht - 2011/6/27
Thank you for new comic and thank you for the link to the Czech translation.

Only one detail to the perfection: If your encoding does not support "capital C with wedge" in the word %u010Ce%u0161tina in the link, you can use HTML entity number 268. I suppose any browser should display it.
Super dark33 - 2011/6/25
i think that the cast page needs an update.
orgikan - 2011/6/25
So excitiiing!!!
zeigspade - 2011/6/25
Really good job. The only thing that throws me off though is that psions don't need to use their hands when using their abilities. So maybe instead of the hand glowing you could just make the head glow?
jackjaques - 2011/6/24
I would also like to add some constructive criticism... Nop, I was wrong - great comic! Wink
Dyluth - 2011/6/24
Well I'm glad you've all liked the comic, it means a lot to me, Crazed, Leaking Pen and of course Zara. @Mad Memmey I laughed quite a bit too while drawing this one out, @Guardiaan_Angel that's a good question... we shall have to wait and see! @Kareasint I love your analogy, I'm going to work it into my every day phrase bookHappy Lastly @JackTheTripper yes, the doors do appear a head too small for most medium sized characters eh? This may force me to find a reason as to why that is down the road... again, we shall see!

So I'm glad to here you guys are liking the comic and stay tuned for more updates!
JackTheTripper - 2011/6/24
The doorway seems a bit too small for the characters, but otherwise this update is awesome. Kaal is the most hilarious thing ever, I swear.
Mad Lemmey - 2011/6/24
Another cracking comic, well done, just caught myself laughing out loud - before the punchline! Top-tastic!
Guardiaan_Angel - 2011/6/24
Just what race can Quentas be?

Great to see another comic. Great job. I think that the summary was a bit too much for Kaal heh heh Very happy
Paeris Kiran - 2011/6/24
anonymouse - 2011/6/23
Mm, I gotta say, the comic looks as good as it was when Jordan was still making it. Great work, then!
Something cleaver - 2011/6/23
I thought Quentas would be an elf, i guess his name sounded elven to me.
Kareasint - 2011/6/23
It was like watching a soda cracker get sandblasted. Too funny.
Josip - 2011/6/23
Well, it's official. Our new bot is working! Thank you for your concern Happy
MTONinja - 2011/6/23
Oooh Psioncs, this is going to get interesting!
PJ Scrugs - 2011/6/23
Great job on getting the comic. Some constructive criticism: the speech bubbles seem to be larger than they need to be, I don't know if that is just me, but I thought that I should point it out. Still a great comic and keep up the good work.
Almanro - 2011/6/23
Wonderful! Happy
Mastermind - 2011/6/23
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